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Vehicle-to-Grid Integration is key to the sustainable mobility and energy transition.

Explore our projects, customer cases, and white papers about smart charging and Jedlix VGI technology. Get everything from the basics to deep-dive information on EV customer engagement, advanced grid balancing services and flexibility market models.

Landmark Projects setting the standard for Smart Charging

Vehicle prequalification testing with Elaad

Jedlix and Elaad have demonstrated that electric vehicles can balance the national electricity grid and respond to real time signals and meet the requirements of TSO’s. These qualification tests have been demonstrated for a range of EV models in cooperation with car manufacturers. The testing is done at the special test facility of Elaad  and uses the over the air connectivity of the EV.

Aggregator model for Tennet

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operator Next Kraftwerke and Jedlix have joined an international program of the TSO Tennet to deliver secondary control reserve (aFRR) through the batteries of electric cars. This program, in line with EU energy directives, allows for the delivery of control reserve independent from the energy supplier.

IO.E Flexity

Landmark innovation project in Belgium together with relevant parties in the flexibility and balancing ecosystem such as the DSO and TSO. Flexity aims to investigate the flexibility potential on the household level and test how it can be operated and valorized in the market.


Demonstration project in the Eindhoven area led by the DSO Enexis. Goal of this project is to test how flexibility can support for a cost- effective grid infrastructure. To do this, Jedlix and its project partners designed a model that enables the provision of ancillary services to the distribution grid via a local flexibility market.

Smart Solar Charging

Unique consortium to demonstrate AC bi-directional (V2G) smart charging.  This is the first global demonstration of ISO15118 for AC bi-directional charging. Jedlix as aggregator is optimizing the shared fleet of vehicles on a district level to create a new sustainable energy system fueled by local solar energy. 

Customer Cases

Car Manufacturers


Thousands of Tesla drivers in Europe use the Jedlix service for smart charging to lower their charging costs, support the integration of renewable energy and to have more insight and control in charging. Check out a joint customer story of Jedlix and Tesla on the website of Tesla (Dutch). 


Jedlix has created a branded smart charging solution and app for Renault named Z.E. Smart Charge. The Jedlix VGI platform is integrated with the connected car backend of Renault to provide the smart charging service independent from the charging infrastructure. This allows Renault to establish a new branded service and revenue generating business model in relevant markets across Europe.


Smart Charging service is integrated into the Jaguar infotainment system. Jedlix flawlessly interacts with the Incontrol app and automatically takes into account charging setting modifications made by the driver in the Incontrol app. Connect your car and energy contract and start saving right away! 

Customer Cases

Energy Retailers


Eneco uses the Jedlix VGI platform as a VPP to balance its renewables portfolio and deliver aFRR grid balancing services to the TSO. This supports all the energy retail labels of Eneco in the Netherlands. 

Engie Electrabel

Smart charging has been integrated into the wide range of the e-mobility services that ENGIE Electrabel offers to its customers. Home charging has become cheaper with a dedicated energy offer for Belgian households with and EV on top of the direct financial reward via the Jedlix service. 

Plüm Energie

Plüm énergie is one of the leading green energy suppliers in France. Jedlix optimizes the charging of electric vehicles of Plüm énergie customers in France. The smart charging service and benefits are integrated on the unique customer loyalty program of Plüm énergie called the piggy bank. This creates additional positive touchpoints and integrated customer experience. 

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