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The easiest way to unlock EV flexibility in your portfolio

The energy and e-mobility transition are moving at full speed, while the costs to keep the grid and portfolios balanced are increasing. Jedlix unlocks the massive potential of electric cars for you to provide the much-needed flexibility in the energy system to balance energy markets.

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Monetize charging flexibility
Reduce your energy procurement costs, generate revenue on balancing service markets

Jedlix supplies a turnkey solution for aggregating the electric cars in your portfolio or your balancing perimeter into one Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and controlling their power consumption. You can then use this tool-box to operate these EV assets as one pool on Day-ahead, Intraday, imbalance, secondary reserve or local congestion markets or according to your own portfolio optimization strategy in milliseconds if needed.

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Using electric cars to deliver flexibility

Our unique VPP technology allows you as Balancing Responsible Parties (BRPs) or flexibility aggregation providers (BSPs/VLPs):

  • Shift volume to meet purchased or sold energy using a pool of electric cars, thus mitigating the risk of high imbalances
  • Improve your portfolio position thanks to increased insight into electric car customer demand using Jedlix’s forecasting and monitoring signals
  • Deliver upward or downward flexibility to several markets by controlling the VPP using a pool of electric cars. Deepen this value pool with discharging capabilities of future bi-directional cars

Why choose Jedlix

The leading smart charging platform

Our smart charging services are based on more than six years of EV charging and discharging experience across seven countries and with more than 40 partners. You can benefit from a wide range of services, from solution design & development to marketing consulting, energy markets, data & business intelligence, and tech support:

Turnkey APIs

A turnkey Virtual Power Plant with advanced value stacking algorithms for electric vehicles with standardized interfaces


Flexibility revenue streams, at a marginal and low maintenance cost, making it a low-strike price asset


Transparent online reporting, for you to have full access to our real-time data on the usage and QA statistics of your services, your fleets, and your SaaS costs or revenue share

Complete suite

Integrated management of the complexity of user behavior, mobility needs, and behind-the-meter incentives.

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Explore how we can help you

Our team of experts supports you in aggregating a wide range of electric cars into one asset and monetizing their charging flexibility to balance energy markets. Our full range of solutions includes:


White Label App

Offer a branded smart charging app to your customers using a dedicated and proven platform.

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Smart Charging APIs

Seamlessly integrate smart charging functionality into your existing services and applications.

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Virtual Power Plant

Creates one asset pool with your aggregated EVs, which can be monetized on energy and balancing markets thanks to our VPP toolbox.

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More detailed information on our services

What energy and flexibility services could Jedlix support?

Jedlix provides a broad range of services that support wholesale and advanced real-time balancing services based on your needs and the set-up of the EV driver.

What form would an integration intraface with the VPP take?

Jedlix provides standardized APIs that make integration of the VPP simple and straightforward. The different signals and documentation can be found on our API portal at

How does the Virtual Power Plant deal with behind-the-meter incentives like user tariffs?

Taking behind-the-meter incentives into account is crucial for the most optimal outcome and end- user acceptance. The Jedlix VPP has the capability to stack these incentives with aggregated flexibility services. This provides a unique and state-of-the-art EV VPP.

How does the Jedlix Virtual Power Plant deal with user behavior?

User behavior, user acceptance, and VPP performance are crucial. Our forecasting and algorithms take into account user behavior to ensure that the VPP pool operates efficiently. Our real-time control solutions dispatch cars quickly to deal with user behavior.

Can I use my own optimization strategy?

Jedlix provides all the (technical) aggregation components that bundle the electric cars into a simple and easy to use VPP. You could fully determine and execute the optimization strategy and corresponding market of the EV VPP. Upon request, Jedlix could also fulfill certain optimization components if required by our customers (e.g. TSO balancing signals).

What our clients say:

"Thanks to the cooperation with Jedlix, we are the first energy company in Switzerland which operates a large pool of EVs on advanced balancing markets in Switzerland"

Thomas Riethofer, board member at CKW

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"The flexibility of electric vehicles is a very good fit with our broader flexibility portfolio in France. Thanks to Jedlix and their partnerships we are able to enable EV flexibility at scale in France”

Xavier Clabaut, Managing Director at Totalenergies Flex

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"Together with Jedlix we enabled the first commercial aFRR EV flexibility pool in the world allowing Eneco to continuously balance its renewables portfolio and the Dutch power grid. The Jedlix team has all the experience and created a working VPP solution that meets all regulatory requirements"

Rob Jansen, Manager Flexibiltiy at Eneco Energy Trade

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