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Branded smart charging services for your customers

Our White Label App enables you to provide your customers with the most seasoned smart charging user experience, and the best smart electric car charging services using renewable energy. Create your own smart charging app by taking full advantage of our dedicated and proven platform with zero impact on your development team.

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Products benefits

A dedicated and proven smart charging platform

No developers needed

Zero impact on your software development team

Ready-to-use solution

Turnkey smart charging solution with minimal lead time

Personal support

Dedicated support team to smoothly guide your app roll-out and operation

Branded app

Offer a full-service, GDPR proof smart charging app in your own branding



Build upon a dedicated and proven platform

Application security

Secure, GDPR-proof, and seamless Customer Identity & Access Management

Beta testing

Test application available for your Beta testers to test new features

Reward program [New]

Usesmart charging benefits to improve customer engagement and loyalty

Highly customizable

User interface with a 100% look and feel of your own brand

Professional services

Dedicated marketing consultancy, data and business intelligence, community and help center support management

Hosting & maintenance

Reliable app hosting and maintenance, including product upgrades

Benefits to your customers

Most cost-effective and sustainable charging

Solar charging

Algorithms maximize charging during home solar panel electricity production peaks

More renewables

Charging during the most affordable hours and when there is a surplus of renewable energy

In control

Full charging insights, data exports, and a large set of charging preferences for your customers

Cheaper charging

Algorithms adjust charging times to off-peak electricity tariffs with up to 30% savings

What our clients say:

"Hyundai Motor is expanding its offer of energy solutions for both V1G as V2G in the Netherlands and abroad, and the Jedlix platform helped us to quickly bring a revenue generating service to market."

Christiaan Pielkenrood, Manager New Mobility at Hyundai

“Thanks to our partnership with Jedlix, we were able to set up an entire new service line and business stream that leverages the connectivity of our cars."

Alain Thoral, Director Energy Solutions at Mobilize

"The future of EV is about smart charging and Jedlix is a leading Provider in this area, with thorough international capabilities for Smart Charging."

Paul van der Hoeven, Chief Propositions at Eneco E-Mobility

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help!

Who controls the customer data when using the White Label Smart Charging app?

When using the White Label smart charging app you remain owner of the customer and the main data controller. You can set your own privacy policy and terms for the app.

What methods of EV smart charging are supported via the White Label Smart Charging app?

Jedlix supports both the connected car and connected charger or even a hybrid version of the two. Of course, you can also bring in your own charging stations/service of course.

How is the White Label Smart Charging app maintained after delivery?

Jedlix continuously improves the app and customer journey to ensure the best experience for your customer.

How could you try or test the White Label Smart Charging app?

Jedlix operates an own app for prototyping and testing. Jedlix also uses this app to test new features and upgrades before they are pushed towards your version.

Do you need to activate all features and services in the White Label Smart Charging app?

No this is not needed. Based on your preferences we can set up the configuration that suits your business best and that makes sense for your customers and region.

Ready for the the future?

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