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Attract and retain high-value customers with smart charging

Jedlix offers smart charging services to energy retailers, enabling you to attract and retain valuable customers by offering charging at the lowest rates and optimized use of renewable energy.

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Add smart charging to your portfolio

Jedlix supplies software-based smart charging functionalities that you can easily add to your digital services portfolio. Our smart charging platform and app enable you to offer a fully branded smart charging service to your customers, which works with more than 80% of the leading car brands. This enables your customers to charge at the cheapest hours and when there is a surplus of renewable energy.

For your business
A powerful smart charging data & services platform

Our software-based technology empowers you to align the charging processes of thousands of connected EVs and home chargers with the lowest wholesale energy market prices in a single interface – without compromising your customers’ control and freedom. Learn more about our 5 key takeaways here.

We help you to:

  • Easily integrate your own smart charging services or connect to the users’ electric car interfaces
  • Provide your retail customers with smart EV tariffs automation. Establish meaningful touchpoints with your users’ energy consumption and associated savings
  • Lower your energy procurement costs through controlled energy use

For your customers

Charging when the cheapest and cleanest electricity is available

Working with Jedlix, you can provide the best smart charging service to electric car drivers. Offer your customers:

Solar charging

Incorporate as much self-produced solar energy as possible in the EV charging plan, thanks to our satellite data and unique algorithms.

In control

Keep your customers fully in control with a large set of charging preferences, the Boost charging option, and rich charging insights.

More renewables

Accelerate the energy transition and enable charging with more renewable energy.

Cleaner charging

Avoid peak hours and enable your customers to charge at the most beneficial hours for the grid and their wallets.

Why choose Jedlix

The leading smart charging platform

Our smart charging services are based on more than six years of EV charging experience across seven countries and with more than 40 partners. You can benefit from a wide range of services, from solution design & development to marketing consulting, energy markets, data & business intelligence, and tech support.


Smart charging services that can be embedded in your native applications thanks to our open APIs or delivered through our turnkey customizable White Label app solution.

Connected cars and charger

Off-the-shelf support for a wide range of connected cars, chargers and charge point management systems.

Transparent online reporting

Transparent online reporting, for you to have full access to our real-time data on the usage and QA statistics of your services, your fleets, and your SaaS costs or revenue share

our PRODUCTS and Services

Explore how we can help you

Our team of experts fully supports you in launching and operating smart home charging services for your customers. This enables you to generate new revenue streams within the largest smart charging energy ecosystem and in collaboration with the largest energy partners ecosystem in Europe using the following solutions:


White Label App

Offer a branded smart charging app to your customers using a dedicated and proven platform.

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Smart Charging API

Seamlessly integrate smart charging functionality into your existing services and applications.

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Virtual Power Plant

Create one asset pool with your aggregated EVs, which can be monetized on energy and balancing markets by our energy balancing and aggregation partners thanks to our VPP toolbox.

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More detailed information on our services

Do I need a specific energy tariff, such as a dynamic rate, to enable smart charging?

Jedlix supports a wide variety of energy tariffs, including dynamic rates. In addition, our platform can integrate other steering signals to lower your energy procurement costs. This does not require a specific energy tariff and is something you can do independent of the tariff.

How do the rewards and benefits of the smart charging service work?

Our platform and service calculate the results of smart charging per user and on a fleet level. This includes how much has been saved on the energy bill and how we improved your position. In addition, we can facilitate or support other rewards as an additional incentive, if you would like to activate this for your customers.

How can Jedlix lower my energy procurement and balancing costs?

Jedlix lowers your energy procurement and balancing costs by optimising the charging of EVs in your portfolio. We do that by shifting EVs consumption to moments when energy prices are lower. In addition to that, Jedlix can provide monitoring and forecasting services that allow you to better predict your energy demand and thus perform your procurement processes more accurately.

How can I integrate Jedlix smart charging services in my own brand?

Jedlix provides a Smart Charging API that can be fully integrated into your own app. Alternatively, we can develop a separate Smart Charging app fully customized in your brand style.

Is it possible to get a demo or test the service?

Yes, we offer a variety of options. You can play around and test our API for free and Jedlix also operates a customizable app that can be used for rapid prototyping and testing.

What our clients say:

With Jedlix, we have someone who understands our business and can quickly adapt to new developments in energy and emobility services"

Guillaume Chicco, Product Developer Smart Services at Engie Belgium

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""The future of EV is about smart charging and Jedlix is a leading Provider in this area, with thorough international capabilities for Smart Charging.”

Paul van der Hoeven, Chief Propositions at Eneco E-Mobility

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"The Jedlix platform was the best way for us to immediately access a large range of electric vehicles. The Jedlix team was very helpful in how we could integrate this best in our app and customer journey."

Anders Kvamme, CEO at YVE

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