Virtual Power Plant

Monetize the flexibility potential of electric car charging and discharging

Our Virtual Power Plant allows you to aggregate a wide range of electric cars into oneasset pool and monetize their charging and discharging flexibility on energy and balancing markets. Our system incorporates driver preferences and mobility needs, so you can focus on your core business: energy trading.

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Perfect set up for energy markets and balancing services

Monetize flexibility

Monetize flexibility by providing balancing services to the grid operator

Stay focused

Focus on energy trading and monetization, while we handle the individual charge preferences

Personal support

Dedicated support team to smoothly guide your VPP roll-out and operation

Save costs

Lower imbalance costs within your portfolio by utilizing the flexibility in car batteries

Key features

Clear focus on energy trading

Management & support

Fleet management, regional support and reporting tool

Automatic prioritization

Automatic prioritization and dispatching of charge commands

Optimization strategies

Off-the-shelf optimization strategies, including Day Ahead and passive imbalance

Standardized APIs

Real-time charge power monitoring and control through standardized APIs

Registration & forecasting

Sub-metered charge volume registration and forecasting


Monetize thousands of cars as one asset

Sell flexibility

Use battery storage capacity to sell flexibility to (local) grid operators

Power management

Control the consumption of thousands of electric cars as one asset

Balancing energy

Lower imbalance costs of renewable energy generation

Revenue sharing

Get a share of the revenue generated on energy and balancing markets, making this a low risk business model

What our clients say:

"Thanks to the cooperation with Jedlix, we are the first energy company in Switzerland which operates a large pool of EVs on advanced balancing markets in Switzerland."

Thomas Riethofer, board member at CKW

"Together with Jedlix we enabled the first commercial aFRR EV flexibility pool in the world allowing Eneco to continuously balance its renewables portfolio and the Dutch power grid."

Rob Jansen, Manager Flexibiltiy at Eneco Energy Trade

"The flexibility of electric vehicles is a very good fit with our broader flexibility portfolio in France. Thanks to Jedlix and their partnerships we are able to enable EV flexibility at scale in France”

Xavier Clabaut, Managing Director at Totalenergies Flex

Frequently Asked Questions

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What energy flexibility services does the Jedlix Virtual Power Plant Support?

Jedlix provides a broad range of energy flexibility services ranging from wholesale to advanced real-time balancing services (e.g. aFRR) to tailor your needs. We have demonstrated a wide range of services, also often stacked together, in a variety of countries.

How does the optimization look like, and can I use my own optimization strategy?

Jedlix provides all the (technical) aggregation components that bundle the EVs in a simple and easy to user VPP. You could fully determine and execute the optimization strategy and corresponding markets of the EV VPP. When requested Jedlix could fulfil certain optimization components if this is desired by you to make a first use and implementation simpler.

What data points are supported in the Virtual Power Plant?

The Jedlix VPP supports a wide range of data points that allows you to build an optimal flexibility strategy. This includes among others forecast, baseline, reference and real time set points. You can access API documentation on

How does the Virtual Power Plant deal with behind-the-meter incentives like user tariffs?

Taking into account behind the meter incentives like tariffs and solar is crucial for most optimal outcome and EV driver acceptance. The Jedlix VPP has the capability to stack these incentives with aggregated flexibility services that are made available via the VPP. This provides an unique and state of the art EV VPP.

How does the Virtual Power Plant deal with EV driver behavior?

Our forecasting and availability algorithms take into account user behavior. Even in real time our VPP technology can switch and redispatch alternative EV vehicles in case of unexpected behavior. This ensures you have the best possible view and flexibility potential coming from the EV VPP.

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