Smart Charging API

Smart charging services within your existing services & applications

Our Smart Charging APIs are designed for seamless integration into your existing services and applications. Use our dedicated platform to offer your customers smart electric car charging services for cheaper charging with more renewable energy.

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Product benefits

Ready to use in your existing
services and applications

Standardized connectivity

Connect to cars and chargers from different manufacturers using one single API

Charging optimization

Build upon fully functional smart charging features including algorithms for charging optimization

Personal support

Dedicated support team to smoothly guide your product development and use

Seamless integration

Easily integrate smart charging functionality into your existing services and applications



Build upon a dedicated and proven platform

Developer portal

Offers API documentation, code examples, guides, and SDKs

Quick set up

Including fully functioning demo account and vehicle simulator

Broad compatibility

Compatible with over 80% of electric car models on the road today

Jedlix Connect

Embedded car onboarding in your app using our web view

Standardized REST API

Globally standardized REST API communication layer

Complete package

For connecting, optimizing, and monitoring electric car charging

Benefits to your customers

Most cost-effective and sustainable charging

Solar charging

Algorithms maximize charging during home solar panel electricity production peaks

More renewables

Charging during the most affordable hours and when there is a surplus of renewable energy

In control

Full charging insights, data exports, and a large set of charging preferences for your customers

Rewards program [NEW]

Offer your customers cash rewards for contributing towards balancing the energy grid

Cheaper charging

Algorithms adjust charging times to off-peak electricity tariffs with up to 30% savings

the costs

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What our clients say:

"With Jedlix, we have someone who understands our business and can quickly adapt to new developments in energy and emobility services."

Guillaume Chicco, Product Developer Smart Services at Engie Belgium

"We are delighted to work with Jedlix to further taking a central role in the development of smart charging solutions for EV-drivers and grid system providers."

Øystein Sæther, VP innovation at Skagerak Energi

"The Jedlix platform was the best way for us to immediately access a large range of electric vehicles. The Jedlix team was very helpful in how we could integrate this best in our app and customer journey."

Anders Kvamme, CEO at YVE

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help!

Can I try out the API first?

Yes, you can make a free demo account at to get started directly. This allows you to experience the API, also with a vehicle simulator.

Is integration of the Smart Charging API easy?

Jedlix handles all the complexity of handling the control and charge schedules of the car/charger based on the different incentives that you can provide via the API. This saves you a lot of hassle and engineering time in getting a service out to your customers.

What countries and territories are supported via the Smart Charging API?

For now all main European markets are supported. For specific countries and support outside of Europe, please contact our sales team.

What methods of charging controls are supported via the Smart Charging API?

Jedlix supports both the connected car and connected charger or even a hybrid version of the two. Based on your configuration and set up we can activate specific brands and integrations.

What car and charger brands are supported via the Smart Charging API?

The list of supported car and charger brands is continuously growing. The current list of brands and capabilities can be found here.

Ready for the the future?

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