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Jedlix supplies smart charging services to electric vehicle service providers, for you to enable your customers to charge at the lowest rates and optimize the use of renewable energy.

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Jedlix offers a set of behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter smart charging functionalities that you can easily add to your chargers' services, right away. Integrating our smart charging APIs, or using a White Label app from Jedlix, you can easily add complex tariff automation, solar charging, savings and earning programs your customers can benefit from in your home charger’s app, everywhere in Europe.

For your business
A powerful smart charging data & services platform

Our technology enables you to build the most powerful smart charging services for your customers and ecosystem, making electric car charging simple and profitable for you and your customers.

  • Enable new revenue-generating business models with your charging assets
  • Prepare the sustainable insertion of electric cars in a net-zero emissions energy ecosystem
  • Make your charging offering more attractive with smart charging services

For your customers

Charging with the cheapest renewable electricity

By working with Jedlix, you can provide the best smart charging services to your electric car customers without compromising their control and freedom.

More renewables

Accelerate the energy transition and enable charging with more renewable energy.

Solar charging

Incorporate as much self-produced solar energy as possible in the EV charging plan, thanks to our satellite data and unique algorithms.

In control

Keep your customers fully in control with a large set of charging preferences, the Boost charging option, and rich charging insights.

Cleaner charging

Avoid peak hours and enable your customers to charge at the most beneficial hours for the grid and their wallets.

Why choose jedlix

The leading Smart Charging Platform

Our smart charging services are designed based on more than six years of EV charging experience across seven countries and with more than 40 partners. You can benefit from a wide range of services, from solution design & development to marketing consulting, energy markets, data & business intelligence, and tech support.


Smart Charging services that can be embedded in your native applications thanks to our open APIs or delivered through our turnkey customizable White Label app solution.

Connected cars and chargers

Low IT integration effort, including native support for connected car data to enrich and improve the smart charging service.


Transparent online reporting, for you to have full access to our real-time data on the usage and QA statistics of your services, your fleets, and your SaaS costs or revenue share

our PRODUCTS And Services

Explore how we can help you

Our team of experts fully supports you in building and operating the most efficient and valuable smart charging service for your customers in your own brand territory, using the following:


White Label App

Offer a branded smart charging app to your customers using a dedicated and proven platform.

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Smart Charging APIs

Seamlessly integrate smart charging functionality into your existing services and applications.

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Virtual Power Plant

Creates one asset pool with your aggregated EVs, which can be monetized on energy and balancing markets by our energy balancing and aggregation partners thanks to our VPP toolbox.

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More detailed information on our services

How can I integrate Jedlix smart charging services with my own brand?

Jedlix provides a Smart Charging API that can be fully integrated into your own app. Alternatively, we can run a separate Smart Charging App fully customized to your brand style.

How is this integrated with the energy supplier?

Jedlix has integrations with several large energy suppliers to monetize the charging flexibility. We could also support a specific preferred energy supply offering in the service, combined with our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services.

What regions/territories are covered?

Jedlix supports all core smart charging features in most European countries. Flexibility and utility partnerships are currently available in seven countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, and France.

How does Jedlix control the charging?

Jedlix controls the charging on an individual charger level while always prioritizing user mobility needs. Signals and data are typically exchanged via your charging back end, so we don’t disrupt your connection to the charging station. We support a variety of (bespoke) interfaces or the OCPI protocol to exchange the charging sessions and profiles.

How is car connectivity included in the smart charging services?

Car telematics can help to enrich the smart charging service by improving the value potential and customer experience. Jedlix offers the option to include car connectivity data, if requested. A wide range of car brands is supported.

What our clients say:

"With Jedlix, we have someone who understands our business and can quickly adapt to new developments in energy and emobility services"

Guillaume Chicco, Product Developer Smart Services at Engie Belgium

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"The future of EV is aboutsmart charging and Jedlix is a leading Provider in this area, with thorough international capabilities for Smart Charging"

Paul van der Hoeven, Chief Propositions at Eneco E-Mobility

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