Our story

Our promise to make all electric cars use renewable energy

In 1828, Anyos Jedlik invented the electric motor. Years later, the electric car is completely transforming the automotive market. We are now taking giant steps towards sustainable mobility, but in practice electric cars often still use energy generated from fossil fuels. We knew there had to be a better way: no time (or energy) to waste!

Our mission

Unlocking the value of
electric car charging and discharging

It is our mission to optimize the use of renewable energy by unlocking the value of the flexibility of electric car battery charging and discharging process. We aim to enable zero-emission charging for millions of electric cars across all continents by 2030.

We will do this by working together with car manufacturers, charge point operators, energy companies, and grid operators to deliver scalable, pure-software, smart charging services that simplify the user experience and monetize the flexibility of aggregated electric vehicle fleets on energy markets.

kWh Smart Charged

69+ GWh

Active countries


Platform Partners


Connected Capacity

110+ MW

Our ecosystem

Setting a global standard for sustainable mobility

As the leading smart charging services platform provider in Europe, we operate on the intersection of e-mobility and energy. Our services are designed based on six years of EV charging experience across seven countries. Our target customers are found in utilities, energy, automotive, and other fields in the e-mobility domain. We work with cutting-edge products and technologies, with leading European parties in the electric automotive industry, such as Renault, Hyundai, and Jaguar, and with energy firms, such as Engie, Totalenergies, Eneco, CKW, and Skagerak.

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“Together with our customers and partners, we are setting a global standard for sustainable mobility. By creating the best user experiences, enabling smart charging services for great brands, monetizing the flexibility value of charging and discharging of batteries, we lead the way towards zero-emissions charging for millions of EVs! Act with us!.”

- Serge Subiron, CEO Jedlix


We are Jedlix

Shaping the future of
electric mobility

The future of mobility is electric – and we are on our way to shaping it. Our skilled and experienced team members are ambassadors for making electric car charging simple, cheaper, and truly sustainable. At Jedlix, every user counts but we also think big and want to make a real impact. We also try to have fun along the way, of course.

"It's exciting to be in a team full of creative and bright minds who work together toward a common goal: to provide sustainable charging to EV drivers everywhere"

- Francisca Machado, Customer Success Specialist

"At Jedlix I get to work with a great team to have a real impact on a sustainable future. I love knowing that my models control thousands of real cars every day"

- Huib Keemink, Lead Data Scientist

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