Meet the team #1 : the life of a data scientist at Jedlix.

Hi Anastasia, can you present yourself in a few words?

I’m a data person wearing many hats: from BI to AI, my interests are pretty broad, and I consider myself a generalist. In my free time, I’m an amateur gardener, occasional yogi, sustainable fashionista, #data4good volunteer at CorrelAid, and early adopter of AI tools.

What is it that you do at Jedlix? What is your day-to-day?

I kicked off my career as a data scientist with an internship in an oil service company, but I soon realized that I would prefer to work on more sustainable topics. I joined Jedlix almost 2.5 years ago. My day-to-day changes quite a lot from quarter to quarter and even day-to-day with special projects we’re doing. In these blog posts, I talk about two sides of my job at Jedlix: one on the data science and energy markets and the other—more on the ML infrastructure side.

Tell us a fun fact about you and your time at Jedlix!

I don’t have a driver’s license yet but I only use electrically powered taxis. During my rides, I try to talk with the drivers if they feel up to it. This helps me to stay up-to-date with news on tariffs and charging infrastructure. A colleague once called me a Passenger Ambassador, and I liked the term!

At the Jedlix office in 2022

What is it you like the most about working here? And your favorite accomplishment at the company so far?

It's hard to pick one thing, but I’d say it all boils down to people: great colleagues to build a product with and a great EV drivers community to build a product for. Also, our partners are market leaders in their domains, so getting some industry wisdom from them is always nice. Through our partnership with CKW for example, we helped them become the first balance service provider (BSP) to aggregate the flexibility of EVs and offer their aFRR bids to Swissgrid. It also means a lot for us as a data team: providing sufficient data quality to a country often associated with very precise clocks is a milestone!

Curious to know more about working at Jedlix? Check out this blogpost and our career page!

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Meet the team #1 : the life of a data scientist at Jedlix.

Meet Anastasiia, data scientist at Jedlix with a passion for sustainability and innovation. Curious about her journey from oil services to electric vehicle grid balancing? Read on to discover more about Anastasiia’s unique path and contributions to Jedlix.

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