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Smart Charging API, Virtual Power Plant, and white labeling in a single solution. Explore how the Jedlix platform can help you swiftly realize your smart charging ambitions.

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We believe smart charging is critical for transitioning towards a carbon-neutral future. Jedlix ensures the best smart charging experience in the energy and e-mobility ecosystem. We reduce the total cost of ownership for electric vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging process, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

Monetize charging flexibility

Easily monetize the flexibility of EV charging and discharging.

Connect EVs and chargers

Create superior customer experiences using car and charger connectivity.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Enable your customers to charge at the lowest possible costs.

Make a positive impact

Optimize the charging on renewable energy and lower the impact on the grid.

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69+ Gwh

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OUR PRoducts & Services

Explore how we can help you

You can benefit from a wide range of services, from solution design & development to
marketing consulting, energy markets, data & business intelligence, and tech support.


White Label App

Offer a branded smart charging app to your customers using a dedicated and proven platform

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Smart Charging APIs

Seamlessly integrate smart charging functionality into your existing services and applications

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Virtual Power Plant

Create one asset pool with your aggregated EVs, which can be monetized on energy and balancing markets by our energy balancing and aggregation partners thanks to our VPP toolbox

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INDUstries we work for

together we speed up the
transition to renewable  energy

Car manufacturers

Build the most powerful smart charging data & services platform to offer your customers electric car charging and discharging, using the cheapest renewable energy.

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Energy retailers

Orchestrate the charging processes of thousands of connected cars and chargers through a single interface to attract and retain high-value customers.

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EVSE manufacturers

Create the most efficient and valuable smart charging services for your customers and your ecosystem to help your customers charge using cheaper, cleaner energy.

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EV service providers

Develop a fully branded smart charging service for your customers and ecosystem to offer cheaper charging with more renewable energy.

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Energy balancing & trading

Aggregate a wide range of electric cars into one asset pool and monetize their charging flexibility on energy and balancing markets.

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What our clients say:

“Thanks to our partnership with Jedlix, we were able to set up an entire new service line and business stream that leverages the connectivity of our cars. By one standard integration we have a service that is running in multiple countries”

Alain Thoral, Director Energy Solutions at Mobilize
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"The future of EV is about smart charging and Jedlix is a leading Provider in this area, with thorough international capabilities for Smart Charging"

Paul van der Hoeven, Chief Propositions at Eneco e-mobility
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"Thanks to the cooperation with Jedlix, we are the first energy company in Switzerland which operates a large pool of EVs on advanced balancing markets in Switzerland"

Thomas Reithofer, Board member at CKW
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About us

Meet the team

The future of mobility is electric – and we are on our way to shaping it. Our skilled and experienced team members are ambassadors for making electric car charging simple, cheaper, and truly sustainable.

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OUR investors

Backed by leaders

Jedlix is backed by Mobilize Ventures (part of Groupe Renault), Osaka Gas and Skagerak Energi. With the help of our investors, we are able to accelerate our international expansion and extend our product portfolio and innovate, continuously.

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Smart Charging on steroids with better settings and price forecasting
Smart Charging on steroids with better settings and price forecasting

Learn how dynamic rates and customer leaving bring smart charging savings to next level.

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