2021 the breakthrough year for dynamic tariffs? We are ready for it!

We are excited to share that the Jedlix Platform now supports dynamic tariffs. EV drivers in all apps supported on our platform can enjoy the benefits of dynamic rates as of today. This helps them to make the most out of Smart Charging and further lower their energy bill. We have already seen notable examples in the UK and Norway where EV drivers slashed their energy bill by 60%.

The rise in number of smart meters in European households has paved the way for new tariff plans to support the largest and most flexible asset of households: the electric vehicle. Innovative Dynamic Tariff plans from a new breed of digital energy players have made the headlines for good reasons: with the increase of renewables in the mix, there is more volatility in the spot prices of energy markets, creating room for savings with higher spreads between high and low pricing time periods, and more negative pricing windows to be paid for using power, thus creating opportunity for the EV drivers who can automatically control the charging process of their cars. Time of use of energy rates from the DSO fit very nicely in this pricing structure. Our research showed we reduce the evening peak by at least 50%.

Dynamic tariffs may also transform the utility model from a trading & edging model to a subscription fee one. Consumer driven with API’s and smart integration at the core. This play is a good fit towards the e-mobility eco-system that knows a variety of platform layers, protocols and distribution channels. Since many TSO and DSO balancing services also now operate independently from the traditional energy supply role, this is also an effective strategy to bridge the aggregator / traditional energy supplier gap.

The engine behind this service is the Jedlix Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) Platform. The platform orchestrates the EV vehicles into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) on advanced flexibility markets and also handles “behind-the-meter” incentives like dynamic rates. Stacking these value pools together creates the highest integrated flexibility value and triggers additional platform network effects. Furthermore, Jedlix is also able to provide the necessary real-time fleet information so that energy players have the opportunity to stay in control of their balancing position.

With Jedlix, charging smart is the native option, through the connected car or the connected charger. It is real-time and automatic, at the hand of the EV driver to serve its mobility needs. Simply by toggling the dynamic rate option, EV drivers can use this service straight away and also see how much they saved by smart charging. For example, Jedlix already supports automated tariffs across Europe from parties like Octopus, Awattar, Nieuwe Stroom and more to come. What’s next? It is key for us to integrate these rates with other markets and incentives coming from the DSO and TSO. Furthermore, we are already on the lookout for even more advanced dynamic rates that, for example, reflect intraday market dynamics.

Contact us for more information on this feature and how this can help your own brand and customers. It is supported in both car OEM, CPO as Utility branded solutions.

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