Unleashing opportunities for energy suppliers: A strategic approach to smart charging

In the dynamic landscape of the energy transition the adoption of innovative technologies is vital for staying ahead. Let's explore how providing smart charging can benefit energy suppliers.

EVs provide is the biggest potential source of flexibility

With more renewable energy and corresponding volatility, the balancing costs are increasing for energy suppliers. According to research from Smarten, electric vehicles provide the single biggest opportunity for flexibility by 2025. By optimizing smart charging in a Virtual Power Plant, you can significantly reduce your energy procurement costs and even generate revenues by providing balancing services to the TSO. Our experience and research show that you can already reduce energy procurement costs by 25% when optimizing day-ahead and portfolio positioning. When enabling more advanced markets, this percentage could further increase and make a huge impact for you and the EV driver.

Reduce churn and build customer loyalty

After an unusually quiet year due to the energy crisis, the market is open again to acquire energy customers. The effect is obvious, and churn rates are bouncing back up. Research from LCP Delta shows that EV drivers are even more prone to switch. Their increased energy consumption at home and switch to sustainable mobility make them even more interested in cheap and green offerings. Smart charging is the distinctive feature to keep and attract EV drivers and create a win for you and the customer. The innovative and sustainable aspect of smart charging will overall enhance your brand image.

Smart Charging comes naturally with Dynamic Rates

Due to European regulations and market trends such as solar panels, energy suppliers are pushed to offer dynamic rates. When offering dynamic rates or similar advanced smart tariffs, EV drivers basically expect you to come up with a smart charging solution. We see in practice that conversion rates among EV drivers with dynamic rates and solar panels are substantially higher. If you are planning on offering different tariffs, make sure you also think about (smart) EV drivers.

In conclusion, by offering a smart charging app, energy suppliers can not only meet the evolving needs of their customers but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

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Unleashing opportunities for energy suppliers: A strategic approach to smart charging

In this blog post, discover the game-changing potential of smart charging for energy suppliers. Learn how electric vehicles (EVs) are the key to flexibility, offering a significant opportunity to reduce costs and generate revenues. Check out the full post now for a glimpse into the future of energy transition!

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