Presenting the new Jedlix Smart Charging API

Wit hrecord breaking energy prices and EVs flooding the need to offer smart charging for players in the energy and e-mobility industry couldn’t be more urgent. Embedding smart charging in a seamless customer experience is a key differentiator. That’s why Jedlix is taking the next step with the new Smart Charging API. This API provides everything you need to integrate our smart charging services directly into your own app and brand environment.


Smart Charging and Jedlix

Jedlix is, and has been, one of the front runners in the smart charging domain by building a reliable foundation with our own app and providing branded smart charging apps for leading players in the e-mobility and energy industry. Currently, we have established a community of thousands of EV drivers around Europe who are able to charge their vehicles smarter and greener daily.

For recollection, smart charging is the ability to control the charging behavior of your electric vehicle in a way that is cheaper and allows to charge on more renewables. Jedlix offers a wide variety of smart charging services like Solar Charging, ToU and Dynamic tariff automation, to advanced grid balancing services through our utility and TSO integrations. All these Smart Charging services, nicely stacked and packed together, are now easily accessible through our Smart Charging API.


The Jedlix Smart Charging API

It may sound like a type of beer (we love IPAs) but in fact, the API is simply the gateway to our smart charging platform that we have been perfecting since 2016. Now, Jedlix has one of the highest-rankedSmart Charging apps in the world and with our API, our partners can integrate these services and features within weeks, through one simple integration.

“With smart charging becoming more mainstream, developing the Smart Charging API was a natural nextstep. We already had an extensive set of APIs for our Virtual Power Plant and energy activities. By using the Smart Charging API, our B2B partners can provide an even better and more integrated customer experience”

- Nick Hubbers, CPO

Of course, potential developers will be supplied with a portal with API documentation ( and How-ToGuides, as well as SDKs for iOS and Android for a smooth onboarding! Using the smart charging API goes naturally with other APIs that Jedlix already provides for aggregation/Virtual Power Plants and energy analytics.


Co-developed with partners

The Smart Charging API was developed in close cooperation with our partners and is already in use by leading Norwegian energy utilities like Skagerak Energi, Polarkraft and Kraftriket who immediately saw the potential of integrating the smart charging services into their own platform and apps. As the leading market in terms of EV and Smart Charging adoption, Norway was the logical place to lay the first stone.

How does it work?

The smart charging API is now available in Europe and it covers the accessibility to dozens of connected cars and charging stations. These integrations are essential for OEMs and e-mobility players who wish to provide a scalable and reliable smart charging service to their customers. For energy providers, these integrations are even more helpful as it takes down the hurdle of the technicalities behind supporting different EV and charger brands and models.

With this API, we open the door for a fully automated Time-of-Use and Dynamic rate optimization, as well as the Solar Smart Charging feature. Provide insights to your customers about their charging costs and savings, as well as in-depth overviews of their charging sessions.

Is an API not the way to go for your business?

No problem, we can still develop your own branded Smart Charging app.

More information and documentation about our Smart Charging API is available on

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Presenting the new Jedlix Smart Charging API

Our award-winning smart charging services are now available via one standardized API.

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