Launch of the Jedlix Developer Hub

As the leading smart charging service provider, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our developer hub, providing (B2B) customers with a centralized, well-organized, easily navigable repository of information to our APIs and SDKs that allows parties to enable smart charging services via the Jedlix platform. 

The developer hub is a logical next step to support the growing range of APIs that enable a complete suite of smart charging services, integrations and Virtual Power Plant products. This includes the Smart Charging API that provides access to all services that are available in the Jedlix smart charging app. Via the Smart Charging API you can integrate these services in your own app/brand environment. 

The hub was already available for selected development partners. Over a hundred developers (and other stakeholders) have already signed up as of today and now we celebrate our official opening. Signing up for a demo account is simple and free and allows you to immediately experience and test the working of our APIs.  

Nick Hubbers, Chief Product Officer of Jedlix:
“We want to empower our customers through every step of their development journey. With our developer hub, customers now have a live environment where they can easily find the information they need to understand, design and build the best smart charging services”.   

At Jedlix we love developers and know their time is valuable. With the current dynamics in the energy and e-mobility market, timing and development resources are critical. By simplifying our interfaces via standardized APIs, SDKs and best practices we know our partners can integrate our services in no time in their environment.

Since we built our platform on Microsoft Azure we thought it would be a great idea to honor the famous three repeating words from former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to celebrate more developers creating the best smart charging experiences (FYI, Steve was CEO when Azure was launched). 

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Launch of the Jedlix Developer Hub

We are launching a new developer hub to accelerate the adoption of smart charging 🚀

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