Here comes the sun!

The sun is out (well…if not literally in the sky, at least in our app)!  

We are proud to announce that one of the most requested and awaited features is now available on our platform. All it takes is solar panels and the Jedlix app.

Solar Smart Charging

Smart charging with Jedlix means charging your electric car using greener and cheaper energy in a fast and easy way. In a nutshell, when you indicate the preferred time for your car to be fully charged, we create an optimal charging plan to match your driving needs while taking into account the power grid capacity, the availability of sustainable energy, and the price of energy.  

Now, what does solar smart charging add to this?  

First and foremost, you will be able to smart charge your vehicle using the energy your solar panels produce. This is made possible by our trained algorithm that now also considers solar production when smart charging your car. Secondly, this means you can charge your car with green energy you generated yourself. This is as green as it can get!  

How does it work?

With solar power entering the scene, Jedlix will now include in his predictions solar production when calculating the optimal time to charge your car. From a more technical perspective, we use solar forecasting technology based on a global fleet of weather satellites. In this way, our algorithm can predict how much power your solar panels will produce based on your charge location and the details of your photovoltaic system. With this information, we determine when your solar electricity production can be used to charge your vehicle.  

No additional hardware required

The best part? You don’t need any additional hardware to use the Solar Smart Charging feature. All the data and the algorithms are purely software-based and work with any solar panel installation at home. This means that everyone can use it, regardless of which solar panel setup you have installed.

And don’t worry about rainy days (we are pretty used to them!): if, for example, your vehicle was not completely charged with solar during the day, we will charge the remaining part during the cheapest moments of your energy contract. So, other benefits from our smart charging service stay in place.  

How can I get started with solar smart charging?

First thing first, you need the Jedlix app (download it here for iOS or Android). The other thing is solar panels. That’s all.

To take advantage of this amazing new feature, you just have to toggle the Solar smart charging feature and Set your Solar panel capacity. If you wish, you can provide more details in the Advanced Settings, so we can better estimate your solar panel production. The coming time period we will keep on improving this service and look forward to your feedback.  

Enjoy your solar smart charging and may the dark days be over!   

Do you have more questions?

Check our FAQs on Solar Smart Charging or contact us at

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Here comes the sun!

Introducing the new solar smart charging feature. We are proud to announce that one of the most requested and awaited features is now available on our platform.

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