Easee charger integration now available on the Jedlix platform!

Charging electric cars may help to stabilize the power grid in the future. A field trial is currently taking place in Baden-Württemberg with the aim of using electric vehicles to provide balancing power. Owners of e-vehicles can participate – with monetary reward.

Stuttgart – In the power grid, generation and consumption must be balanced at all times in order to achieve a stable grid frequency of 50 hertz. At this so-called target frequency, safe and reliable power grid operation is guaranteed. Transmission system operators use controlling power range to balance generation and consumption.

This balance can also be realized with intelligently controlled charging of e-vehicles. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, a field trial is currently taking place with the aim of using e-vehicles as controlling power. Owners of e-vehicles who install an app on their smartphone can participate. A one-time bonus and reward per charged kilowatt-hour make the field trial additionally interesting.

Charging e-cars can help to balance the power grid in the future

The number of e-cars registered in Germany continues to rise significantly. Those more than one million battery-electric vehicles represent enormous potential for ensuring secure power grid operation in the future and can thus contribute to achieving the energy transition and more climate protection.

In the future, e-vehicles connected to a Wallbox can help to keep generation and consumption in the power grid balanced with intelligently controlled charging management. And the e-vehicle user additionally can reduce his electricity costs for charging the e-vehicle.

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Easee charger integration now available on the Jedlix platform!

Good news for all EV drivers with an Easee Charging Robot; thanks to the recent collaboration between Jedlix and Easee it is now possible to connect your Easee charging robot to Jedlix, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle cheaper and with more renewables.

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