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Ron Hendriks 24 Juli 2020

The energy transition fascinates me and I am convinced that electrification is the solution. The EV I have chosen for is the Tesla Model S 75D, pearl white. The tranquillity, driving comfort and also the much simpler and more durable technology than an internal combustion engine makes electric driving irreversible in my opinion. The software and connectivity of Tesla are unmatched and offers all kinds of features for everyday convenience. I drive around 35,000 km per year, so for me, in addition to the sleek design, the range of the Model S was decisive in my choice of Tesla.

(Smart) Charging

In the beginning, I was very curious how it would turn out and I was told I would get charging stress, but in practice, I didn’t really suffer from this at all. I like Smart Charging very much, in principle I charge at home or at work. It is rare that I use other charging stations, but when travelling long, continuous distances the Supercharger is ideal. In those cases, I only charge there for 15-20 minutes before I drive on again. There is one more big advantage over my previous fuel car, I spend almost no more money on refreshments at the gas station, not only good for the wallet, but also for the figure.

I find it fascinating how society is picking up on the energy transition, it has to, and can be so much smarter. For me, an important step in the transition to sustainable mobility is ‘smart charging’ with green energy. Charging in this way keeps the energy network in balance. I use the Jedlix app for this. When I come home in the evening, I use the app to indicate when my car needs to be charged. For instance, my car usually does not need to be charged the same evening, but for me, it can also be charged at night, during off-peak hours. The app calculates when and how long to charge, taking into account the available capacity on the grid, the availability of renewable energy and the energy price. An additional advantage is that there is also a financial compensation in return: you build up a financial reward per cleverly charged kWh. In the meantime, I myself earned 125 euros last year. I even made an animation about this from my background and amazement.


What strikes me the most is that it requires so much less maintenance than the previous cars I drove. After 85,000 km, I only had a check done at my own request, while this wasn’t really necessary. My Model S hasn’t seen the inside of the garage after 2 years, apart from the winter tire change. This development is going to have a huge impact on the industry. It fascinates me to see that the systems around it all still reason from the existing fuel economy, while the benefits are so great in terms of maintenance and driving comfort. As a user fantastic and as an industry challenge. I am also well aware that electric driving is not yet available to everyone because of the relatively high investment at the time of purchase, but I am convinced that this is a matter of (relatively short) time before electric driving becomes possible with all its benefits for everyone. No emissions of harmful CO2, but low maintenance costs and driving comfort with unparalleled acceleration. The fact that our generation still attaches importance to roaring engine noises is, of course, a matter of time. The next generation will wonder: ‘why make noise when it can also be quiet?’.

Earn and Save money with Jedlix – Smart Charging

When you just bought an electric car your energy bill goes up. So you should make money with the ‘recharging moment’ of your electric car battery:  Jedlix trades the moment your battery is charged to energy partners.
In this way, flexibility is created for energy providers, who are happy to reward Jedlix with financial compensation. A significant part of this reward is paid by Jedlix to the user.

You earn per kWh that you Smart Charge and our functionality Charging during off-peak hours also saves you money on your energy bill!.

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Charge even smarter

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