Celebrating milestones: Introducing the Jedlix Trophy

At Jedlix, our success and ability to make a sustainable impact depend on the impact that our partners bring to the table. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Jedlix trophy award which is our small gesture to compliment our partners on their success.

One of the core principles of our trophy program is to celebrate significant milestones achieved by our partners. Whether it's surpassing user volume targets, pioneering groundbreaking features, or fostering impactful collaborations, each milestone reached is a cause for celebration.

The following accomplishments have not only elevated our partners’ enterprises but have also enriched our collaborative ecosystem:

  1. User Volume milestone: you cannot make an impact without having lots of EV drivers on our platform. When reaching milestones like 1K, 5k or 10K users we award our partners on these milestones. We are quite lucky to have many partners already reaching these milestones and succeeding in engaging EV drivers in their own branded smart charging offers.
  2. Features and speed: Often, we rely on our partners to develop new features or create a branded smart charging solution. We have structured documents on branding guidelines for our app and API web views, but depends on the input of our partners before we can start our development. To promote speedy and effective collaboration, we also aim to applaud our partners for these achievements.

Meet the trophy

Choosing a wooden trophy as an incentive for our business partners reflects our commitment to making a sustainable impact on sustainability and craftsmanship. The trophies symbolize durability and resilience, much like the enduring relationships we cultivate with our business partners.

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Celebrating milestones: Introducing the Jedlix Trophy

Discover the Jedlix Trophy – our way of celebrating the outstanding contributions of our partners. From achieving user milestones to pioneering features, it's a symbol of gratitude for their role in driving sustainability. Join us as we explore the essence of the Jedlix Trophy and why it matters.

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