Save and Earn money with Jedlix, an interview with one of our active users

The Jedlix App May 18, 2020, Ruben Middelkoop

Read the interview with André, one of our top users!

Recently we contacted some of our top users. We highly value the experiences, suggestions and tips of our smart chargers to continue to optimize Jedlix and make it as user friendly as possible. Keep sending us tips and suggestions, we really appreciate that and it helps us to improve our service! Read the interview with André, one of our top users, and find out how you can earn and save as much as possible by using the Jedlix app.

When did you start with Smart Charging?

“I heard about Jedlix and then downloaded the app and signed up. I really started using it 2 years ago, after switching to a Jedlix energy partner for the electricity supply  of my household” 

Why did you decide to start with Smart Charge?

“That’s twofold. I’m interested in the operation, how you can benefit from balancing the grid and tariffs by the use of available data. And on the other hand, of course, the financial benefits that you get by charging at cheaper moments.”

What kind of EV do you have and why did you choose this vehicle?

“I have my second Tesla Model S 75D. The first one, an S 85, has been replaced after 4 years and 180,000 kilometers. I chose the car because of its appearance, space and fun factor. Initially the kick of the available power, in the course of time it has become more sport to drive calmly and economically. Electric driving suits me fine, the range anxiety from the beginning has completely disappeared”

André's earnings with Jedlix for 2019

How did you come across Jedlix?

“I found a Jedlix reference on a Tesla Owners forum.

How do you make sure that you Smart Charge as efficiently as possible?

“I actually always have the Jedlix app turned on. I set it to start charging after 11:00 p.m. in the evening, I have a double meter, and the next morning the standard 80-90% charge is reached. If I have long rides, I set the maximum to 100%.”

Do you recommend the use of Jedlix? 

“Sure! It’s nice to see what you save and that you contribute to the efficient use of the available energy.” (André earned €113.16 in 2019 by Smart Charging with Jedlix on top of his off-peak energy bill savings)  

"It's nice to see what you save and that you contribute to the efficient use of the available energy.”

Earn and Save money with Jedlix – Smart Charging

When you just bought an electric car your energy bill goes up. So you should make money with the ‘recharging moment’ of your electric car battery:  Jedlix trades the moment your battery is charged to energy partners.
In this way, flexibility is created for energy providers, who are happy to reward Jedlix with financial compensation. A significant part of this reward is paid by Jedlix to the user.

You earn per kWh that you Smart Charge and our functionality Charging during off-peak hours also saves you money on your energy bill!.

Do you drive electric? Then the Jedlix app is an absolute must-have. Don’t have the app yet? Download it now from the iOS Store or Google Play Store.


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