Boost mode and multiple locations in the Jedlix app

The EV revolution is well underway, and with it comes the increasing need for advanced charging solutions. We are excited to tell you more about 2 of our features: boost mode and multiple locations.

Let's delve into the incredible benefits of these two features.

Boost mode

There are times when you need your EV to be fully charged at the earliest convenience, even if it means temporarily overriding your usual smart charging schedule. That's where boost mode comes into play. By simply activating boost mode, you can kick-start the charging process immediately, bypassing any predefined charging schedules or preferences.

How to activate boost mode:

Initiating boost mode is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone.

1. Plug in your car and open Jedlix

2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your dashboard screen

3. A menu will show up, there, you can choose to “Enable Boost charging”

You can see that boost mode is activated when your gauge turns red.

Once activated, your vehicle will start charging with whatever charge power is available, ensuring a quick charge whenever you need it most.

To turn it off you can simply click on the three dots again and click on "Stop boost charging"

Important notes:

While boost mode expedites the charging process, it will not exceed your "Smart Charging" level. If you wish to achieve a full charge as quickly as possible, make sure your "Smart Charging" level is set to 100%.

Also note that boost mode is not smart charging, this means that you won't necessarily benefit from lower rates or renewable energy.

If you set up a time in “postpone charging” this will be taken into account again once you stop the boost mode.

Multiple Locations: tailoring charging to your lifestyle

We understand that your life extends beyond a single location, and so should your smart charging capabilities. With multiple locations, you can now add more than one private charging location to your Jedlix account.

How to add multiple locations:

Whether it's your home, appartment or a vacation retreat, integrating additional charging locations into your app is effortless. Simply go to the app's settings and click on the "+" next to "charging locations". Enter the relevant details, including the energy tariff information specific to that location. Once set up, you can seamlessly smart charge between locations as you reach them.

Please note:

To ensure the most accurate and efficient charging, kindly note that we recommend not smart charge at public charging stations.

Embrace the power of innovation and take full control of your electric vehicle charging with Jedlix. Welcome to the future of EV smart charging!

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