More powerful Jedlix solar charging

Are you an electric vehicle (EV) owner with a solar installation? We have an exciting innovation for you – Jedlix solar charging. This game-changing feature brings the extraordinary power of solar energy to your EV, revolutionizing the way you charge your vehicle while maximizing the utilization of your solar resources.

Follow Bas, our Product Manager specialising in VPP, into the details of this groundbreaking solution and how it works.

Harnessing the power of solar energy

With Jedlix Solar Charging, you can seamlessly integrate sustainable power and intelligent technology to optimize your home energy management. We have developed a cloud-based solution that synchronizes your PV (solar) production with our smart charging platform, ensuring you make the most of your PV installation while reducing reliance on traditional grid electricity.

How does it work?

The optimization process starts with a PV production forecast for your specific charge location. By inputting the specifications of your solar installation into the Jedlix app, we accurately predict the amount of solar energy it is expected to generate over a given period. This forecast serves as a crucial foundation for optimizing your home consumption.

Next, we take into account the charge power of your electric vehicle. This refers to the rate at which your EV draws electricity while charging. Jedlix analyzes the relationship between the charge power and the solar energy forecast to determine the share of energy that needs to be drawn from the grid.

Traditional electricity tariffs often vary based on time-of-use or peak-demand periods. Jedlix takes your tariff into consideration and reconstructs a tariff that only includes the share of electricity drawn from the grid during your EV's charging period. In this reconstruction, the feed-in tariff is assumed to be 0.

Based on this reconstructed tariff, which now incorporates your PV production, the Jedlix Virtual Power Plant algorithms optimize your charging process. Our system ensures that the combined costs of electricity needed to charge your EV from the PV installation and the grid are at their lowest.

The result? A harmonious marriage of sustainable energy utilization and cost efficiency. Jedlix ensures that your EV charges when your PV installation is at its most productive, reducing reliance on grid electricity and maximizing the utilization of your solar resources.

Benefits of Jedlix solar charging

  1. Tailored to your specific setup: Our solution calculates the solar curve for every combination of the charge location and EV. We take into account the specific characteristics and capabilities of each charging point and electric vehicle to accurately determine the solar energy production over time.
  2. Flexibility and optimization: The solar curve is limited to 100% to ensure flexibility and optimization. As long as you can fully charge your vehicle using solar energy, we strategically choose the most optimal moment for your EV to commence charging. By leaving room for shifting volume during this period, we maximize the potential for stacking PV optimization with energy market optimization.
  3. Economical optimization: Instead of relying on a static threshold chosen by the user to initiate charging on solar energy, we go beyond and calculate the economical optimum. Our system evaluates the price of charging at every moment during the charging session and determines the most cost-effective approach.


Let's take a look at two scenarios to illustrate how Jedlix Solar Charging optimizes your charging process.

Situation A: In this session, the EV needs to charge longer than the period where the corrected tariff (accounting for the solar share fraction) is lower than the off-peak tariff. During the day, we avoid charging outside of the specified time range when electricity prices are lower.

Situation B: This session represents a scenario where the EV needs to charge less than the period where the corrected tariff is lower than the off-peak tariff. We take advantage of the moment when the PV panels can produce 100% of the charge power for the EV. Within this period, further optimization can help balance the grid.

Embrace a more renewable future with Jedlix solar charging

Jedlix solar charging empowers EV owners with PV installations to unlock the full potential of solar power. By seamlessly integrating your PV production with our intelligent charging platform, you can optimize your charging process, reduce reliance on grid electricity, and contribute to a greener world. Join us on this journey where sustainability and innovation meet to reshape the way we charge our vehicles. Say goodbye to wasted solar resources and embrace a future where renewable energy takes center stage.

Ready for the the future?

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