Maximizing benefits with Jedlix: Understanding earnings, savings, and more

Discover the numerous benefits offered by Jedlix. In this blog post, we will clarify the differences between earnings, savings, and other advantages.

Before we delve into the specifics, let's take a moment to review what Jedlix brings to the table. Unlock a world of convenience, efficiency, and sustainability in your everyday life. By seamlessly integrating with your electric vehicle and the energy grid, Jedlix empowers you to optimize your charging experience while maximizing your potential rewards. Whether your goal is to save money and contribute to a more renewable future, Jedlix is here to support you. In the following sections, we will explore the various benefits that Jedlix provides, including earnings, savings, and more.

Earnings: monetizing your smart charging

Earnings encompass the cash you receive for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) smart charged at home. The specific amount depends on your energy provider and the partnership Jedlix has established with them. Typically, when we have a partnership with your energy provider, you can earn around 1 - 2 cent per kWh smart charged through Jedlix. Check the list of providers for your country on our platform. When you enter your energy provider, this calculation is automatically determined, eliminating any additional steps.

Savings: cutting costs on your energy bill

Savings refer to the money you can save on your energy bill by utilizing Jedlix's smart charging capabilities. To benefit from these savings, you need to have a double, triple, or off-peak contract. This applies to any utilities (even the ones we don't have a partnership with), allowing you to save up to 30% on your energy bill. Simply enter your energy provider and tariff, and Jedlix takes care of optimizing your charging to save you as much money as possible, without requiring any extra effort on your part.

Benefits: unlocking the full potential

The benefits encompass a range of advantages that come with using Jedlix. This includes both earnings and savings, but extends beyond financial gains. By leveraging Jedlix, you can charge your electric vehicle with a greater share of renewable energy, maintain control over your charging process, and maximize the use of solar energy whenever possible. The goal is to provide you with an affordable and more renewable based smart charging experience.

Embrace the power of Jedlix

With a clear understanding of Jedlix's offerings, make the most of our smart charging solution to optimize your benefits. Whether you seek cost-effectiveness or a more renewable charging experience, Jedlix has you covered. Harness the potential of Jedlix for the most affordable and renewable smart charging experience available.

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