The magic of personalised smart charging ✨

Are you ready to hit the road in your electric vehicle and have an amazing adventure? Well, let us tell you how Jedlix chooses the perfect time to charge and makes the most of your energy. It's all about personalization and prioritization!

To make sure your charging sessions are super efficient based on your energy rates and preferences, Jedlix's smart algorithm does some math and creates a special schedule just for you. It takes into account different factors, so you can have the best charging experience ever.

Here's the features you can personalise to match your needs and enjoy the best experience with Jedlix :

1. Start Charging: You can set a specific time for your charging session to start. In other words, you can set up the charging to start only after a specific period, avoiding peak hours.

2. Direct Charging: This is the minimum battery level you need for your car that will be charged directly, without using smart charging. In case you need to leave unexpectedly, you will always have this minimum battery level to keep you covered.

3. Smart Charging Level: This is the maximum charge level you want for your car. You set the goal, and Jedlix will create a schedule of smart charging to help you reach this level before your departure time. It helps preserve your battery by preventing overcharging, saves you money by optimizing electricity usage during lower-rate periods and allows you to customize the charging process to suit your individual needs.

4. Departure Time: You can specify the time you plan to drive your car again so Jedlix can create a smart charging schedule accordingly.

5. Energy Tariffs: If there's enough time between the start and departure times, Jedlix takes into account the fluctuating energy prices depending on your contract. We adjust the charging to help you charge cheaper while reaching your desired charge level.

Happy charging and enjoy your electrifying adventures!

Team Jedlix

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