Smart charging with your electric company (leasing) car: everything you need to know

Smart charging with your electric company (leasing) car: everything you need to know

As more people embrace the transition to EVs, it is quite common that these cars are facilitated through employers leasing programs. A lot of company fleets are already electrified thanks to favorable tax incentives and company policies. In this scenario the EV driver does not own the car and sometimes does not even pay for the electricity fueling the car. Quite convenient, but what does this mean for the usage of smart charging? Spoiler alert: nothing should stop you from smart charging.

Save and earn on your energy bill

It is not uncommon to get your home charging costs compensated by your employer. However, often a fixed rate is allocated per kWh or per km driven. Any savings and optimization you make by smart charging are directly for you. In addition, you could still make additional rewards via our energy partners on top of the savings on your energy bill.

Solar boost

Many EV drivers, also the ones driving leasing cars, have solar panels installed at home. In some countries more than half of all EV drivers have this! With solar smart charging you make the most of your solar panels and increase your self-consumption. Let alone any compensation you get this is directly helping you make better use of solar panels.

Easy cost retrieval

With the rise of more complex tariff, keeping track and calculating charging costs can be hard sometimes. If you have your own business and pay for the leasing car yourself you might be responsible to arrange the charging costs. The Jedlix app provides an easy overview and report function to export charging costs and savings. Ideal if you want to create more accurate proof of your actual charging costs.

Clean impact on fleets

Whatever your situation is, smart charging is the way to go. Besides making charging cheaper and simpler our service also contributes to charging on more renewable energy. We are all about making a sustainable impact and create a path to zero emission in mobility. So does the average fleet manager since regulation on fleet emission becomes more relevant every day!

Ready for the the future?

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