A guide to choosing the best energy contract for you

When it comes to managing our energy bills, we all want to find ways to save a few bucks while doing our best for the environment. Let's talk about how you can pick the right energy contract based on your everyday habits.

The different type of energy contracts

Fixed-rate contracts

Fixed-rate contracts offer stability and predictability by maintaining a constant price throughout the contract. This is great for those who prefer knowing their monthly energy costs. However, this security comes with a premium. Also it does not provide any incentive to steer to moment of lower tariffs. Unless you work with our partner energy supplier 😊

Peak/off-peak contracts

Peak/off-peak contracts encourage shifting energy usage to off-peak hours with lower rates. y. Ideal for individuals with flexible schedules prioritizing savings and sustainability. We now do see a trend that due to the massive production of solar energy, the middle of the day is the new off-peak price. Double-check your off-peak tariff while scheduling the Jedlix app.

Dynamic contracts

Dynamic contracts fluctuate with market prices, offering flexibility directly on your bill . While they can lead to savings during times of lower energy costs, they also come with the risk of higher bills during market volatility. Steering your car on these tariffs directly creates massive savings on your bill. It is good to keep in mind what the rest of your household, that you cannot steer easily, is doing when considering these tariffs. Read here all about dynamic rates.

Finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget

Shifting your routine

If your schedule allows for it, you might consider doing things like laundry or running the dishwasher during the off-peak times, when energy is cheaper. And if you're a Jedlix user, you can let our system handle charging your car during these off-peak hours too, saving you even more. An electric car is by far the biggest load in the house so this impact is massive.

Making use of solar panels

Got solar panels on your roof? Lucky you! These panels soak up the sun's rays during the day. With Jedlix you can easily configure solar smart charging and make better use of your panels. Consuming your panels directly instead of feeding in to the grid is

Pro tip as a Jedlix user

Are you looking for a switch in your energy provider? Why not kill two birds with one stone and choose one of Jedlix’ partners?

As an EV owner and Jedlix user, it's important to consider the type of energy contract that best suits your needs. Opting for a dynamic or peak/off-peak contract could potentially lead to significant savings—up to 30% off your energy bill—compared to a single-rate contract. These contracts offer flexibility in aligning your energy usage with off-peak hours, where rates are typically lower. By leveraging Jedlix's smart charging solutions and adjusting your energy consumption patterns, you can maximize your savings while contributing to a more sustainable energy future.

On top of that, some of our partners offer additional rewards for smart charging with Jedlix, you can find the list here and save even more!

Ready for the the future?

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