Jedlix smart charging: where saving money and saving the planet converge

In a world where choices often come with trade-offs, there's a remarkable innovation that proves you can have the best of both worlds – without compromise. Imagine being able to save money while actively contributing to a more sustainable planet. This is where Jedlix's smart charging solution comes in: a revolutionary concept that harmoniously combines financial benefits with environmental responsibility, proving that you don't always have to choose between your wallet and the planet.

Elevating EV charging to a whole new level

Jedlix smart charging technology is rewriting the rules of EV charging. Gone are the days of arbitrary plug-ins during peak hours, leading to inflated energy bills and unnecessary strain on the grid. Instead, Jedlix's system intelligently adapts your EV charging based on a multitude of factors – most notably, the availability to use your solar panels to smart charge your car.

Savings without sacrifice

At the heart of Jedlix's innovation is the promise of significant savings. Traditional charging methods often mean that your EV charges when energy demand is high, leading to elevated electricity rates. With Jedlix, you bypass these peak hours, accessing lower electricity rates that translate into tangible financial benefits. The result? You enjoy all the perks of EV ownership while keeping your wallet happily intact. All of that without compromising your charging preferences, such as the departure time or the desired charged level.

A more renewable future, one charge at a time

Beyond financial gains, Jedlix's smart charging offers something even more valuable: the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the environment. By aligning your EV charging with times of abundant renewable energy, such as when the sun is shining brightly, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions with each charge being a conscious step towards a cleaner future.

You can save even more by combining it with a dynamic contract. Were you aware that under such a contract, there are times in the year when you could receive money for smart charging your car? In 2023, there were more than 100 of those hours in the Netherlands! These were periods where the electricity was so abundant in the grid that the wholesale market prices for electricity were negative.

On the 27th of may 2023, consumers who were on dynamic rates paid around -8 c/kWh including taxes between 15h and 16h.

Prolonged EV battery life: a bonus

Smart charging with Jedlix isn't just about financial rewards and environmental impact – it's also about the longevity of your EV's battery. By avoiding frequent fast charges and adopting optimized charging cycles, you're preserving the health of your battery, extending its lifespan. In a world where sustainability often involves making choices that are gentle on resources, this approach ensures your EV investment serves you well for years to come. This comes, of course, on top of what we already do to preserve you from battery drain.

The path forward: embrace Jedlix smart charging

In a landscape where decisions between personal gain and planetary good are often presented as an either-or scenario, Jedlix smart charging solution stands as a beacon of possibility. You don't have to choose between saving money and saving the planet – with Jedlix, you can wholeheartedly embrace both.

By seamlessly integrating technology, sustainability, and financial advantage, Jedlix demonstrates that it's not only feasible but also empowering to make choices that enrich your life and the environment simultaneously. As an EV owner, you have the unique chance to be a proactive part of a movement that's shaping a cleaner, greener future. With Jedlix, the journey to a sustainable and cost-effective EV ownership experience is not a compromise; it's an elevation.

Ready for the the future?

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