Generate revenues with the charging moment of your EV

De Jedlix App July 31, 2019, Ruben Middelkoop

Generate revenues with the charging moment of your EV

Downloading a free app with which you can save and earn for charging your electric car is pretty unique. How is this possible? In this blog we tell you more about our business model and our Smartest Charger of June will give you some useful tips.

Two trends that influence our energy demands

There are two trends who strongly influence the balance in our power grid. Increasingly, more people drive electric and connect their car to charge in the early evening. This leads to an increase in electricity demand on those moments of the day. Another trend is that we use more sustainable energy. We cannot control when the sun will shine or when the wind will rise. Therefore, the availability of energy from these sources on our power grid can vary and can suddenly change from more to less and vice versa. This is something we should note, because demand and supply on our energy grid requires balance at all time to prevent an outage of our energy grid.

400 million euro spend by Tennet to balance our energy grid

This balance is maintained by our nationwide network operator Tennet, who spends 400 million euros for this on a yearly basis.[1] For a part, demand and supply of energy are predictable. We know, for example, that a peak in demand arises when people, after coming home from work, turn on their lights and start cooking dinner. For the part that is less predictable, flexibility is a helping hand. In practice, this means that the costs for electricity can briefly be very high or low. This leads to increased costs for energy suppliers and more CO2 emissions if fossil power plants are turned up to cope with peaks in energy demands. On the other hand, it can happen that a solar or windmill energy parcs will have to temporarily be inactive, if it generates a sudden increase in supply of sustainable energy.

Jedlix creates value with flexibility

Jedlix offers a solution. Electric cars require a substantial amount of energy to charge. Jedlix takes the demands and supply on the energy market into account and makes sure that electric cars connected to the platform stop charging when there is a peak in energy demand. This way Jedlix creates flexibility for energy parties (such as Tennet and energy suppliers) in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way. The energypartners reward Jedlix for the created flexibility. These revenues per Smart Charged kWh Jedlix shares with you as a user. After all, our users are the ones who enable this flexibility by adapting the charging moment of their electric car to the demand and supply of energy.

How you can earn € 21, – a month

Are you the one person of all our users this month to have charged most kWh’s by Smart Charging? Then Jedlix has a gift for you. In June our Smartest Chargers Matthijs Rademakers and his wife Christine Schakelaar received a sustainable aluminium Jedlix water bottle, because they earned a whopping 21 euros this month. The coming month our Smartest Charger will win a circular Mud Jeans with a value of € 119, -! Matthijs and Christine have been proud owners of a Tesla model S since 2017. We spoke to Matthijs to ask how they get the most out of the Jedlix app.

Below you will find the winning Monthly Smart Charging Rapport and the interview of the Smartest Charger of June 2019:

Jedlix: When did you start Smart Charging?

Matthijs: After buying our Tesla, I heard something about Smart Charging by Jedlix from another Tesla driver. I like it that I was able to download the app immediately and use Smart Charging directly, without first having to become a member.


Jedlix: What do you do to use Smart Charging as much as possible?

Matthijs: At home we made the deal that the one who has to drive the most kilometres to work can drive the Tesla. I have noticed that, in practice, offering flexibility is never punished. Because my wife worked on a project one hundred kilometres away, she drove the Tesla and we had to charge it every day. We set the ‘Start time’ so that the car starts charging at 23.00 and we set the ‘direct mileage to be charged’ to zero. At 7.00 in the morning the Tesla is fully charged. In practice this never is an obstacle.

'I have noticed that, in practice, offering flexibility is never punished.'

Jedlix: What do you do if you sometimes have to leave in the evening?

Matthijs: Usually we are able to plan these things. But if I really need to leave there is usually enough battery power left to do that. If I know I will visit a friend, we connect the car at 19.00 and we set the time of departure to 21.00. Usually the car has enough range by the time we want to leave at 21.00.


Jedlix: What were your reasons to start using Smart Charging?

Matthijs: I like it because it’s about numbers. It is sustainable and you can earn money with it. I also check what my solar panels have yielded every day.


Jedlix: We also want to award the Smartest Charger of 2019. Will you be the winner?

Matthijs: That is the question! It might be a challenge. On the other hand, we almost never use Super Chargers and we charge mostly at home. I also live across a public charging station (where you can use Jedlix to Smart Charge publicly, ed.). Sometimes I charged there, just for fun.


Earn money with Smart Charging too

When you just bought an electric car, your energy bill will increase, but you can earn money with the ‘charging moment’ of your electric car battery. Jedlix trades the moment when your battery is charged to energy partners. This way, flexibility can be created for energy parties, for which they are prepared to reward Jedlix with a financial compensation. Consequently, you can earn with every kWh for which you use Smart Charging whereby your energy costs will increase less. Will you be our Smartest Charger this coming month? If you are, a great prize is waiting for you!

Do you drive electric? Then the Jedlix app is an absolute must-have. Don’t have the app yet? Download the Jedlix app via the iOS Store or Google Play Store.


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