Jedlix Management Buy-out

Partnerships januari 28, 2020, Ruben Middelkoop

Jedlix Management Buy-out

“I am happy to announce that the Jedlix management team has concluded a purchase agreement of the Eneco shares of Jedlix B.V.  Groupe Renault supports this management buy-out and remains a shareholder & strategic partner of Jedlix.” Serge Subiron (CEO at Jedlix B.V.)

Jedlix BV was established in 2016 by Eneco as a separate company to build a multi-utility and multi-OEM business model and to expand internationally. Groupe Renault has invested in the company in 2017 to reinforce Jedlix’ ecosystem and accelerate its business momentum in Europe. Under the ownership of Eneco and Renault, Jedlix has built over the fundaments for its market leadership position in real-time Electric Vehicle aggregation and batteries swarm management. In particular, Jedlix sets the standard for providing EV-based grid services to Transmission System Operators with its Virtual Power Plant. 

Already active in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, in 2019 the Jedlix platform user base grew by 300% YoY, especially through the native services distribution strategy of OEM partners, reaching up to 15% transformation of their base, and thanks to the launch of new best-seller EV models.  Last year, EV drivers smart charging with Jedlix gained up to €270 earnings. The launch of Peak/Off Peak steering services helped reduce their home energy bill by an extra 15%. Over the next two years, we will also operate smart charging services in Germany, UK, Norway, Switzerland, with new energy and OEM partnerships to accelerate our market impact.

Over the past 3 years, Jedlix has partnered with Tesla, Renault, Jaguar and BMW for vehicle-to-grid integration. Jedlix also cooperates across Europe with energy groups such as TenneT, Elia, TransNetBW, NextKraftwerke, Stedin, Enexis, Enedis, BP, Engie, Total, GreenYellow, ekWateur, Plüm energie. In the Netherlands, Jedlix has strategic partnerships with Eneco Energy Trade, Eneco Retail, Oxxio and Eneco eMobility. Jedlix will continue to grow actively these business relationships as the EV market matures, to create value for both the energy and automotive sectors and their EV customers at scale.

Jedlix was born in the Netherlands as a spin-off of the Eneco group. This affiliation has created solid human and business links which are key assets for the Jedlix management team to take the company to the next level of its international development and to create a new driver-centric smart charging standard globally.

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