How Jedlix works

The Jedlix app charges your electric car easily, using greener and cheaper energy.

We call this Smart Charging.

Make an impact

We can speed up the transition from fossil fuels to green power. Smart Charging lets you contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

Get financially rewarded

When using the Jedlix app, we can bring balance to the power grid. This comes with a financial reward for you, which we pay out once it reaches the equivalent of €5.    

Smart charge with Solar power

With Solar Smart Charging you will be able to smart charge your electric vehicle using the energy your solar panels produce. This is made possible by our trained algorithm that now also considers solar production when smart charging your car. 

Save on your energy bill

As well as earning monetary rewards, you can also save on your energy bill with Jedlix! After entering your off-peak rate and times, Jedlix prioritizes charging your car during off-peak hours. This gives you insight into your spending and helps you save money on your energy costs!

Decide for yourself

The app is easy to customize and fine-tuned based on your requirements. An accessible dashboard lets you view all sorts of information, such as your savings, usage, and battery status.

Download the Jedlix app

Move to 100% sustainable energy. Earn financial rewards!
The Jedlix app is available for all Tesla models, BMW i3, MINI,  Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-PACE – depending on your country of residence. Download our free app for iOS and Android using one of the links below. After setting up your account, you’re ready to start Smart Charging with Jedlix. You can earn money, save money, and decrease your carbon footprint. Let’s drive renewable energy forward together!

Click here for the Renault ZOE app

Let’s get to it

Ready to go in 5 simple steps

"Jedlix is ​​a great app and a must-have for every Tesla owner, it makes sustainable charging easy and you get financial rewards for it. This will speed up the energy transition."

Peter van Buijtene, Tesla Model S

"Jedlix charges my Tesla when green energy is generated, in this case I contribute to the most effective use of green power. The financial reward is a nice extra."

Wout van der Heijden, Tesla Model S

"By using the Jedlix app, I use energy when it is in abundance; for example when the sun shines or wind blows. A great way for green charging and it reduces my electricity costs."

Dirk Korbee, Tesla Model S

We are happy to help!

If you have any remaining questions, please check our FAQ page, or contact us directly via email.