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Download the Jedlix app

Toward 100% sustainable energy. And get financial rewarded!

The Jedlix app is available for every type of electric vehicle. Download our free app for iOS and Android using one of the links below. After setting up your account, you are ready to start Smart Charging with Jedlix so that you can earn money, save money and decrease your CO2 emission. Let’s drive renewables forward, together!

Click here for the Renault Zoe app

Make an impact

We can speed up the transition from fossil fuels to green power ourselves. Smart Charging lets you contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

Get rewarded

Using the Jedlix app, we can bring balance to the power grid. This comes at a financial reward to you. Rewards can be paid out from €5.

Decide for yourself

The app is easy to calibrate and fine-tune based on your requirements. An accessible dashboard lets you view all sorts of information, including savings, usage, and battery status.

"Jedlix is ​​a great app and a must-have for every Tesla owner, it makes sustainable charging easy and you get financial rewarded for it. This will speed up the energy transition."

Peter van Buijtene, Tesla Model S

"Jedlix charges my Tesla when green energy is generated, in this case I contribute to the most effective use of green power. The financial reward is a nice extra."

Wout van der Heijden, Tesla Model S

"With this app, I can automatically charge my Renault ZOE. Creating an account and linking my ZOE to the system was easy. I already received my first bonus on my bank account!"

Karen van der B., Renault ZOE

"By using the Jedlix app, I use energy when it is in abundance; for example when the sun shines or wind blows. A great way to for green charging and it reduces my electricity costs."

Dirk Korbee, Tesla Model S

5 most important FAQ's

If you are driving a Tesla or Jaguar I-PACE, it is possible to Charge Smart at your home location.

If you have a Renault Zoe you can use the Z.E. Smart Charge app. Jedlix has developed this app especially for the Renault Zoe. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

We are currently working hard to add more car brands.

The financial reward you receive for Smart Charging is a return for offering your charging flexibility to our energy partners and for your contribution to the energy transition. Thanks to this flexibility, you contribute to keeping the balance on the power grid! This is achieved by avoiding charging during peak periods of high energy demand and charging when there is a high volume of renewable energy on the grid.

Did you also know you can save on your energy bill with Jedlix in addition to earning money? Take a look at the Feature Charging during off-peak hours.

You drive a Tesla or Jaguar I-PACE but don't have a contract with one of our energy partners? You can already use our feature "Charging during off-peak hours"

Also, we can almost start paying you out through our partnership with Tennet. Because the savings are higher at one of our energy partners it's still interesting to switch.

This feature is an addition to Smart Charging and allows you to charge during the lower tariffs in off-peak hours and save on your energy costs. You fill in the hours and corresponding tariffs. Based on this information, the Jedlix app provides insight into when and how much money you save compared to when your peak tarif applies.

You can use this feature separately and without an energy partner, but also in combination with Smart Charging. The energy partner rewards you for your flexibility and will do this within your off-peak tariffs.

In the future we will all drive electric. Everybody comes home at the same time and plugs in his or her electric car, which immediately starts to charge. Besides the fact that it is not always necessary to start charging directly, this is an enormous demand on the electricity grid. By charging your car smart, you contribute to balancing the electricity network and for this you receive a financial compensation for this.
In the case of a shortage of renewable energy, gas and coal-fired power stations are used to make up this shortfall. Charge your car smartly and that will change. Instead of running extra power plants to charge electric cars, we charge your car as much as possible when there is an oversupply of renewable energy and when the electricity is cheaper for you. In this way we all contribute to the balance of the power grid and the integration of renewable energy into our electricity network.

We are happy to help!

If you have any remaining questions, please check our support page. Or contact us directly via email.


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