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Vacancy .Net back-end developer

Fulltime (40 hours) – Rotterdam

Who are we

Jedlix is market leader in the field of Smart charging of electric cars

To accelerate our international expansion, we are looking for a back-end developer. As a developer, you will be part of the team that builds the Jedlix Smart Charging platform: the leading platform that enables the seamless integration of electric vehicles on the power grid. The platform integrates with partnered EV brands such as Renault, Tesla, BMW, Audi and Jaguar, control the charging of the EVs and drive the interactions of our mobile applications.

The team also builds our Virtual Power Plant, used by international energy market players to provide balancing services with the batteries in the electric vehicles. The software we make touches the real-world, so reliability and resilience is something that we value and build for.


What does our stack look like?

Our language of choice is C# on .Net Core; we use SQL Server on Azure as our data store. We are deploying our platform mostly as Docker containers on Kubernetes (using AKS), other services run directly on Azure AppService. For messaging, we are using Azure ServiceBus and EventHub as well as RabbitMQ for some of our partner integrations.

Although we favour C# and .Net, we have some applications written in JavaScript and TypeScript on top of NodeJS. Our data processing and analytics pipelines are mostly Python.

The team uses Azure DevOps for our sprint planning and hosts our repositories and CI/CD pipelines, we mostly deploy everything automatically, so automated testing is essential to us. We do not have no-deploy Fridays; deployments happen all the time!


What skills and mindset are we looking for?

We are looking for is someone with at least 3 years of experience as a C# developer and that you know why you would want to use Test-Driven Development (TDD) and have applied that in previous/current jobs.

You know how to work in a CI/CD environment with trunk-based development using git (no Git-flow or other strategies) and can provide constructive feedback on pull-requests as we expect everyone to review each other’s work. We are looking for a team player who is not afraid of pair programming.

In terms of technical skills: We expect you are familiar with REST and have the know-how to apply basic resilience patterns and work with Docker. You do not have to be a Kubernetes expert, but it helps.

We do not expect you to be an expert in energy markets or electric vehicles, we can and will teach you that (but it sure helps to know a bit!)

We are a small team with a lot of things to do, so we are looking for someone who understands that there is not always time for a polished solution. At the same time, we do not compromise on quality.

We are currently working remotely due to the Covid-19 situation, so we do expect that your written communication skills are good too as we use Slack and Azure DevOps for async communication quite a lot.

Check out the video 'about Jedlix'

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What can we offer you?

Apart from your salary, you can expect to learn a lot about energy markets, build software that has a significant impact on sustainable mobility and work with world-leading car brands like Renault, Tesla and BMW. Also, you get to work on software that does not only live in the virtual world, our platform controls actual electric vehicles and interfaces with the electricity grid in many countries in Europe.

Feel free to take one of our own cars for a spin to get some first-hand smart charging experience!

You will also get to work with a group of people who are enthusiastic about electric vehicles and green energy. It is not just a slogan; we work to make driving on green energy a reality.

As we are a small company there is plenty opportunity to try out something new; many people wear more than one hat so if you want to expand your experience, we always have challenging topics waiting to be picked up.


Some practical details

  • You have a valid work permit for the Netherlands;
  • No relocation is offered;
  • The vacancy is for 40 hours a week, starting date is as soon as possible.
  • Our office is in Rotterdam next to the Central Station in the Groothandelsgebouw, one of the biggest start-up hubs in Rotterdam and you can find many other innovative companies here. Besides being a central location, it also offers nice perks like table tennis, pool table and football table.
  • As mentioned above, we are currently working remotely; we expect that once the Covid-19 situation improves significantly, we will start working in the office more.
  • We have people from various nationalities working with us, so your command of English needs to be fair, if you also speak Dutch, French or German is a plus.
  • You have a bachelor or masters working level in computer science (or can show relevant experience).
  • Salary indication: 2800 gross p/m

Interested? Contact our technical director Sander van Vliet at sander.vanvliet@jedlix.com

Acquisition based on this vacancy is not appreciated (please don’t).

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