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We drive renewables forward!

How the Jedlix Vehicle Grid Integration Platform can enhance your core business

Together with e-mobility and energy companies, Jedlix ensures seamless vehicle grid integration (VGI). Jointly, we reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging process, and optimize the use of renewable energy.

That’s how we drive renewables forward!

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Car Manufacturers

✓ Initiate a new business model based on the connectivity of your cars

✓ Lower the TCO of your clients and optimize the use of renewable energy

✓ Create a branded service in multiple countries via single platform integration

The future of the car is electric and connected.

Offering attractive new models with innovative services is key to staying competitive in the transition to EV’s. The Jedlix VGI platform provides the building blocks for new advanced smart charging services based on car telematics. This allows car manufacturers to lower the TCO for their clients and generate new service-based business models. Jedlix is recognized as the industry leader for integrating connected electric cars. 

CPO's & eMSP's

✓ Lower the cost of charging by integrating our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to enable advanced balancing and energy markets access

✓ Include vehicle telematics to optimize and automate smart charging

✓ Integrate with a range of energy retailers and balancing partners through single platform integration

Stay in control of a smart and smooth charging experience for all your clients

The Jedlix VPP allows for additional value pools and has the ability to include vehicle telematics for all leading brands. With our industrially standardized integration through OCPI, you stay in control of your charging operations and your interaction with the charging pointsJedlix is the leading contributor to the OCPI protocol, enabling advanced smart charging services for the e-mobility sector.  

Energy Retailers

Retain and acquire high-value e-mobility customers 

Improve brand positioning with an innovative energy service 

Lower your energy procurement costs through controlled energy use 

E-mobility clients are the number one opportunity for energy retailers

The uptake of electric vehicles is accelerating, and this is having a major impact on the energy transition and household energy bills. It is important for energy retailers to offer unique and compelling services to electric vehicle drivers in order to retain and acquire these high-value clients. The Jedlix VGI Platform and app allows you to enable a branded smart charging service that is softwarebased and works with all the leading EV brands

Energy Trading and Balancing Service Providers (Aggregators)

Expand your portfolio with the addition of electric vehicles 

Access new balancing markets with decentralized flexibility 

Maximize the potential of smart charging by stacking different value pools 

Unlock the potential of electric vehicle flexibility

Electric vehicles will play a key role in the energy transition due to their massive potential for energy storage and charging. The Jedlix VGI platform sub-aggregates a range of electric vehicles models into one standardized VPP you can monetize directly on relevant balancing and energy markets. Jedlix is the leader in providing advanced balancing services with electric vehicles and supports a wide range of VPP integration technologies.

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