Jedlix Smart Charge App, now also available for Tesla Model 3

Uncategorized April 10, 2019, Ruben Middelkoop

Jedlix Smart Charge App, now also available for Tesla Model 3

Smart Charge market leader Jedlix now also offers the service for the Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands. Model 3 drivers are now able to Smart Charge by downloading the Jedlix Smart Charge app. With the app, the user facilitates the smart integration of electric cars into the grid and secures renewable energy charging. The driver gives permission to charge the car at the moments that the electricity is the greenest and cheapest and therefore the least straining to the electricity grid. This results in a fourfold win for; the environment, the electricity grid, the energy supplier and the driver. 


The first thousands of Model 3’s are delivered, as well as the first Smart Charging sessions with the Tesla Model 3. “We proudly welcome the early Tesla Model 3 Jedlix-users who have Smart Charged their car. It is exciting to be the first company in the world to offer a Smart Charge app for this great car” according to Jedlix CEO Serge Subiron.  Serge added: “after the Model S and Model X, Jedlix’s driver centric smart charging services are now also available for the Model 3”. 

What is Smart Charging?  

With the development of electric cars and renewable energy, the pressure on the electricity grid is increasing, smart charging is becoming a necessity. The free Jedlix app offers a solution for this; a car is charged at the greenest and cheapest moments. For example, when there is a lot of wind energy available or when there is a low demand on the grid. Off course, the car will be fully charged at the departure time set by the driver. The smartest drivers can get a financial reward up to € 200 per year 


User experience 

Richard Rosenberger of Mobile Techcenter received the fourth Tesla Model 3 in the Netherlands, the first week of February. Richard: “I came across eye-catching reviews about Jedlix in the App Store and downloaded the app. I started using the app because Jedlix balances the electricity grid and therefore avoids the challenges with the energy peaks we had with the introduction of plasma TVs years ago. In addition, the sustainable aspect is very interesting, and the financial reward is also really nice!” 

By using the Smart Charging app, drivers help to accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Tesla drivers can download the free Jedlix app in the App Store and Google Play Store. For more informationplease visit:



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