Easee charger integration now available in the Jedlix app!

The Jedlix App September 3, 2021, Ruben Middelkoop

Easee charger integration now available in the Jedlix app!

Good news for all EV drivers with an Easee Charging Robot; thanks to the recent collaboration between Jedlix and Easee it is now possible to connect your Easee charging robot to Jedlix, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle in a cheaper and greener way.

Connecting your Easee account in the Jedlix app is simple and can be set up in no time. After setting up, the service will automatically create an optimal charging plan based on the input and settings in the app. Besides optimizing your own energy bill the smart charging is aggregated in a “virtual power plant” to balance renewable energy on the grid. The result? A lower energy bill by charging on the lowest rates of your off-peak/dynamic tariff and a cashback for keeping the grid in balance. By doing so you also support the integration of renewable energy. Later this year support for charging on your home solar panels becomes available, as well.

The Jedlix smart charging app with support for Easee is free and now available in Norway, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, and Switzerland. Connect your Easee Charging Robot with Jedlix now, save on your energy costs, and help the transition to a greener future. The app registers all (smart) charging costs and allows you to create an overview of all home charging. Ideal for users who want to keep track of their home charging costs and smart charging results.

Earn and Save money with Jedlix – Smart Charging

When you just bought an electric car your energy bill goes up. So you should make money with the ‘recharging moment’ of your electric car battery:  Jedlix trades the moment your battery is charged to energy partners.
In this way, flexibility is created for energy providers, who are happy to reward Jedlix with financial compensation. A significant part of this reward is paid by Jedlix to the user.

You earn per Smart Charged kWh and with our Peak Off-peak and dynamic rates functionality, you also save you money on your energy bill!.

Do you drive electric? Then the Jedlix app is an absolute must-have. Don’t have the app yet? Download it now from the iOS Store or Google Play Store.


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