E-Cars: Concept found for balancing the power grid

The Jedlix App December 1, 2021, Ruben Middelkoop

E-Cars: Concept found for balancing the power grid

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Charging electric cars may help to stabilize the power grid in the future. A field trial is currently taking place in Baden-Württemberg with the aim of using electric vehicles to provide balancing power. Owners of e-vehicles can participate – with monetary reward.

Stuttgart – In the power grid, generation and consumption must be balanced at all times in order to achieve a stable grid frequency of 50 hertz. At this so-called target frequency, safe and reliable power grid operation is guaranteed. Transmission system operators use controlling power range to balance generation and consumption.

This balance can also be realized with intelligently controlled charging of e-vehicles. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, a field trial is currently taking place with the aim of using e-vehicles as controlling power. Owners of e-vehicles who install an app on their smartphone can participate. A one-time bonus and reward per charged kilowatt-hour make the field trial additionally interesting.

Charging e-cars can help to balance the power grid in the future

The number of e-cars registered in Germany continues to rise significantly. Those more than one million battery-electric vehicles represent enormous potential for ensuring secure power grid operation in the future and can thus contribute to achieving the energy transition and more climate protection.

In the future, e-vehicles connected to a Wallbox can help to keep generation and consumption in the power grid balanced with intelligently controlled charging management. And the e-vehicle user additionally can reduce his electricity costs for charging the e-vehicle.

Field trial in Baden-Württemberg to balance the power grids

Various project partners, including the transmission system operator TransnetBW, are currently jointly testing how to balance the power grid in a large-scale field trial in Baden-Württemberg. Under the term “Smart Charging,” they are cooperating with the Dutch company Jedlix, which is already successfully using its intelligent software for this purpose in several European countries.

Jedlix’s software handles the coordination between the grid operator and e-vehicles and actively controls the charging power. To integrate the latter, participants in the field trial simply need to register via the free app, which is available for both Android and iOS. After that, Jedlix is given the possibility to control active charging processes of an e-vehicle, i.e., to switch charging off and on, depending on the respective current situation in the power grid.

If more electricity is fed into the power grid than is consumed, the e-vehicle charging processes are switched on, as additional loads to restore the balance between generation and consumption. To ensure that their own e-vehicle is charged on time, every user can actively influence the charging behaviour via the app. For example, a departure time can be determined at which the e-vehicle must be charged.
The Jedlix app is available free of charge in the App Store or Google Play Store. For successful participation in “Smart Charging,” users receive a payment of 0.02 euros per kWh charged. Those who also participate in the field trial in Baden- Württemberg will also receive a one-time bonus of 50 euros.

Registration for the field trial in Baden-Württemberg takes place on the Jedlix website.

Detailed user report by YouTuber Schräg

The YouTuber Schräg has already reported about the field test of TransnetBW and Jedlix on his channel. Interested parties can find good insights into the usage of the app and practical experience reports on “Smart Charging” with Jedlix.

Conclusion: Necessary for charging, participation bonus

In the future, the proportion of e-vehicles in road traffic and thus the number of private charging stations will continue to grow. This will make it possible for more and more e-vehicle users to contribute to the stabilization of the power grid by means of intelligent control and thus, not least, to benefit financially. The Jedlix app is significantly contributing to making this possible.

Anyone who would like to participate in the field trial in Baden-Württemberg can apply on the Jedlix website. Confirmed participants will receive a one-time bonus of 50 euros.

Download the Jedlix app here for iOS or Android


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