Blog: Save Money by Charging at Off-peak Times

The Jedlix App November 14, 2019, Ruben Middelkoop

Blog: Save Money by Charging at Off-peak Times

Recently, we introduced a new feature that allows Tesla, Jaguar, Renault Zoe and BMWi3 drivers to save money with the Jedlix app! We call this feature, “Off-peak Charging.” It allows you to benefit from lower energy prices by charging your car during off-peak hours. This helps you save money on energy costs while still ensuring that your car is fully charged in time for your next departure. In this post, we speak to Erik van Aalzum, Jedlix’s Head of Product, about this new feature.


  •  I can already select a time to start charging in my Tesla app, why should I use the new Off-peak Charging feature?

While it is true that you can already select a time when your car should start charging in the Telsa app, Jedlix has taken this to a whole new level. Jedlix now allows you to make optimum use of lower prices by charging your car during off-peak hours. At the same time, Jedlix also ensures that your car reaches its required level of charge in time for your next departure. If the off-peak period is not long enough to reach your desired level, Jedlix will charge your car during peak hours for the minimum amount of time necessary. The data provided by this new feature also allows you to understand when you are spending your money and how much you are saving by charging your car at off-peak times.

  • How much can I save by using the Off-peak Charging feature? 

This depends on your demand for kWh and the difference between your energy supplier’s peak and off-peak tariffs. If we assume that the difference between the two tariffs is £ 0.05 per kWh, and you charge your car for an average of 400 kWh per month, then you can expect to save around £250 per year on top of any other charging rewards.

  • How can I use this new feature?

Open the Jedlix app, go to “Options,” and click on “My energy tariffs.” Select your tariff type (this may be a single- or double tariff, but note that it is only possible to use the “Off-peak Charging” feature with double-rate tariff). Next, set the rates that you pay during your off-peak and peak times. That’s it! Your savings will now be recorded and your smart charging sessions will now be optimized to charge your car during off-peak periods whenever possible.

You can also check the tutorial below.

  • Why have you introduced this feature?

As part of our smart charging services, we want to ensure that everyone can charge at the most cost-effective and efficient times. That way, the power grid is not overloaded, and this helps to avoid any reliance on gas and coal-fired power stations. The “Off-peak Charging” feature is another way to make sure that your smart charging sessions are as green and cheap as they could possibly be.

  • What is the difference between smart charging and charging during off-peak hours? 

Our new ‘Off-Peak Charging’ feature allows you to charge at off-peak rates, which helps you save energy costs compared to what you would pay if you charged at peak times. When you use smart charging, we reward you because you help us balance the energy grid, which is beneficial to energy suppliers. Click here to Read more about smart charging.

  • Can I use smart charging and the Off-Peak Charging feature at the same time? 

Yes, absolutely! You will continue to be rewarded for allowing us to charge your car flexibly during the off-peak period. We will smart charge your car whenever the supply of available energy outweighs the demand. You will then receive rewards while also benefiting from charging at off-peak times. This rewards you with earnings and saves you money on your electricity bill. It’s a win-win!

  • What has priority: my charging preferences, the off-peak pricing, or the amount of energy available? 

Your charging preferences always take precedence. In other words, the first thing we calculate is whether the available time frame is long enough to charge your car to your desired level. If the time frame is too short, then we will partially charge your car outside the off-peak window. Our top priority is always that your car is charged to the level you require!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jedlix Support at

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