Blog: Saving money by charging during peak/off peak periods

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Blog: Saving money by charging during peak/off peak periods

Recently we have introduced a new feature which allows Tesla, Renault Zoe and BMWi3 drivers to save money with the Jedlix app! We call this feature “Charge during off peak hours”. The feature uses the lower prices during off-peak hours for charging. You will save money on energy costs and your car is still fully charged when you leave at your chosen leaving time settings. We spoke with Erik van Aalzum, Jedlix’s Head of Product, about this feature.

  •  I can already use a ‘start charging time’ in my Tesla-app, why should I the ‘Charge during off peak hours’ feature?

In the Tesla app you can set the start charging time. But, Jedlix thinks a step further resulting in multiple advantages: you can make optimum use of the lower prices during off-peak hours for charging, while you can be sure that your car is charged to your desired level. If the off-peak period is too short to charge to your desired level, a part automatically will be charged outside the off-peak window. Based on this data, the new functionality provides insight into when and how much money you save in off-peak hours compared to periods when the peak rates apply.

  • How much can I save by using the ‘Charge during off peak hours’ feature?

This depends on your demand for kWh and the difference in Peak and Peak-Off tariffs at your energy supplier. If we assume that the difference is €0.05, and you charge 400kWh per month. Then you can save around €250 per year on top of your rewards for each Smart Charged kWh.

  • How can I use this new feature?

Open the Jedlix App, go to “Options” and click on “My energy tariffs” and select your tariff type (double or single rated, it is only possible to use this feature with a double rated tariff). Next step is to set the rates that you pay during off-peak and the peak hours. From now on savings will be recorded and the Smart Charging sessions are optimized to charge as much as possible during Peak Off periods.

You can also check the tutorial below.

  • Why do you make this feature possible?

With our Smart Charging services, we want to ensure that everyone can charge during the best and Smartest Charging moments. This way, the power grid is not overloaded – and you can help make gas and coal-fired powerplants superfluous. The “Charge during off peak hours” feature is an additional way to Smart Charge even more and cheaper.

  • What is the difference between Smart Charging and Charging during off peak hours?

The new ‘Charge during off peak hours’ feature allows you to charge during the off-peak rates, which helps you to save energy costs compared to your peak tariff. When you use Smart Charging, we reward you because you help balancing the energy grid which is important for energy suppliers. Read more about Smart Charging

  • Can I use Smart charging and the ‘Charge during off peak hours’ feature at the same time?

Yes, you can, because you will be rewarded for offering your charging flexibility within the off-peak period. You will Smart Charge during moments when there is more available energy than demand for energy. You receive this reward within your own lower cost off-peak periods. This rewards you and saves you money on your electricity bill. It’s a double win!

  • What has priority: the charging preferences, the peak off prices or the available energy?

The charging preferences takes always precedence. In other words, we first calculate whether the time frame you have made available is long enough to charge your car to your desired state. If it is too short, a part can be charged outside the off-peak window. The most important part is that your car is charged to your desired level!


If you still have any question don’t hesitate to contact Jedlix Support at We would like to help you out!


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