#2 Save and Earn money with Jedlix, an interview with one of our active users

The Jedlix App August 26, 2021, Ruben Middelkoop

Read the interview with Oscar, one of the last year top users!

One of the most important links within the Jedlix ecosystem are our users. That’s why, once in a while, we want to put one of our users in the spotlight and let them tell their story. In this interview, Oscar talks about how he smart charges his car with Jedlix, and what his experience is with our app.


When did you start with Smart Charging?

“I started Smart Charging with Jedlix in November last year”


Why did you decide to start with Smart Charge?

“Out of curiosity, and because of the direct financial reward that comes with it”


What kind of EV do you have and why did you choose this vehicle?

“Tesla Model 3 Long Range, I chose it because Tesla is a game-changer, and I wanted to experience that. That’s why I also chose the Full Self Driving option, purely to experience the entire transformation that comes with driving an electric car.” 

Oscar Charge Overview

What is your profession/what sector do you work in?

“I work as an Innovation Manager at ICT Group, but I do this in my personal capacity – with a lease car”


Do you recommend using Jedlix?

“Yes, because it is costless (you don’t need to pay anything, and it is effortless). I also had to change my energy contract in December ( which I do every year) so I chose Oxxio, an energy partner of the Jedlix service” 


What is your favourite feature of the Jedlix app and why? 

“The fact that you don’t have to do anything, starting and pausing a home charging session goes automatically. What it leaves you with are the charge overview and your benefits”


We added new features to the app like the ability to export your charge cost overview, to plan your departure times multiple days ahead, and the Boost Mode to interrupt your smart charging session every moment. How do you experience the use of these features? 

“The monthly charge cost overview works well, I haven’t used the other features yet because I was not aware of them. In case of new functionality, I would let the users know explicitly (the Grip service by ABN AMRO for example is doing a good job of that)”


What functionality would you like to see added to the Jedlix app? 

I expect to get an energy contract with variable prices in December, so I can use Jedlix in combination with that (Read more about Dynamic Prices & Jedlix). I would like to “play” more with the energy imbalance by charging at very low or even negative rates. Jedlix could send notifications for this, and thus actively guide and motivate users. If Jedlix automatically adjusts the charging schedule based on the variable prices, it would be great to notified when I am benefiting from exceptionally low prices for example. 

"The fact that you don't have to do anything, starting and pausing a home charging session goes automatically. What it leaves you with are the charge overview and your benefits"

Earn and Save money with Jedlix – Smart Charging

When you just bought an electric car your energy bill goes up. So you should make money with the ‘recharging moment’ of your electric car battery:  Jedlix trades the moment your battery is charged to energy partners.
In this way, flexibility is created for energy providers, who are happy to reward Jedlix with financial compensation. A significant part of this reward is paid by Jedlix to the user.

You earn per Smart Charged kWh and with our Peak Off-peak and dynamic rates functionality, you also save you money on your energy bill!.

Do you drive electric? Then the Jedlix app is an absolute must-have. Don’t have the app yet? Download it now from the iOS Store or Google Play Store.


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