Feature alert: Smart Charge Overview

Did you know that almost half of the EVs in Europe on the road are part of fleets? Fleets can range from big employers with thousands of cars to small freelancers running their own business with a single car. They play a major role in the transition towards e-mobility, no matter what you think of these cars. Likewise for the energy system, since these cars tend to drive much more compared to the average one. The costs for driving and charging these cars are often taken care of by the employer or business. That’s a great benefit for the employee and driver but can result in a bit of a hassle when the charging is done at home. What part of the energy bill is consumed by the car, what are the actual costs, what about smart charging benefit? But no worries, thanks to our new charging costs overview feature we make life easier for fleet users of Jedlix to track these charging costs at home and get them reimbursed.

Charging at home comes with a lot of benefits

Why the hassle to charge at home in the first place when you have access to off-street parking? First, everyone likes the smell of a full battery in the morning. Second, it is cheap since your charging rate at home is typically not even half the price you pay at other public facilities. And finally, you have all the time in the world to smart charge your car while you’re sound asleep. This allows you to support the integration of renewable energy as well. That’s why many fleet cars and customers of Jedlix charge at home and asked us to help them with the home charging costs registration as well.

Smart Charging overview by Jedlix

That’s why we now allow you to create a report on all your charging costs at home with our smart charge overview feature. Jedlix already has the charging data of your car, your energy tariffs, and time window, so we basically repurpose that data for this highly requested feature. The best thing is that you don’t even need additional hardware or subscriptions to register these costs and use them for your own accounting. With our data, it is also more accurately compared to some alternatives that only take an average fixed electricity rate and don’t know how to deal with smart charging results or multiple cars at home.

Smart Charge Overview
A story from one of our loyal users Bas Zwartkruis

Bas was already a big fan of Jedlix for our smart charging efforts and asked us specifically for this smart charge overview functionality. He works in the telecommunications industry and got a Tesla through his employer. His Tesla was leased at one of the big leasing companies one usually sees here. After some time of fast charging only, he was allowed to declare his home charging costs as well. By the same time his wife also started driving an EV privately and also started charging at home. To calculate and prove the energy consumption of his Tesla was to take a picture of the odometer every day after charging at home. Dealing with two different charging cards and a connected charger at home was also a costly alternative. Now Bas just goes to the Jedlix app and exports his monthly charging costs. The overview is directly sent to his e-mail and he now uses this as proof towards the leasing company and employer instead. Simple, efficient and directly compatible with smart charging.

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