Our tips for cheaper charging 💰

At Jedlix, we are committed to helping you save money while driving your EV and promoting renewable energy. That's why we are excited to introduce our amazing partners who share our values and offer a range of benefits to EV owners like you!


First, there's Electromaps, the #1 roaming app in Spain that also has a strong presence in France. With over 24,000 public charging stations in France and 11,000 in Spain, you can easily find the right charging station on your long trips. You can even activate thousands of chargers directly from the app or with the Electropass!


Next, Chargeprice helps you find charging stations near you and compare prices to save money on your journeys. You can filter by charging speed, plug, and even your car model and charging apps and cards you have to find all compatible stations. Plus, Chargeprice has exclusive tariffs for energy and car providers, and some providers offer special tariffs for their household energy customers.


If you're looking to switch to electric driving or update your current EV model, Mountox makes it easy to compare and find all electric cars, charging stations and charging cards. You can order them directly on Mountox once you've made your choice, and their experts are ready to help you along the process and answer all your questions.


Finally, if you're ready to purchase a charging card but don't know where to start, Laadpastop10 has you covered. They offer the best charge cards to every EV driver and make the process independent, transparent, and complete. Their new website, laadpaaltop10, also helps you find the right charging station wherever you are in the world.

With these amazing partners, we are confident that you'll enjoy driving your EV even more and contribute to a more sustainable future!

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