How Chargeprice will help you save money on the road

As you may know, Jedlix is the 1# smart charging app that help you save money (and the planet) when smart charging at home.

Charging at home is great and often the cheapest way to charge your car. But we are aware that you might be going for some long trips using your EV and, in this case, you’d like to save as much money as possible too, right?!

Chargeprice makes it possible for a hassle-free journey 

Find charging stations...

Wherever you are going, Chargeprice helps you find charging stations near you or on the journey you planned to make sure you are never out of power. You can easily filter by charging speed, plug or just select your car model and the charging apps and cards you have and all compatible stations will be displayed. 

… and compare prices

The most amusing side of things is that you can compare prices when planning your journey. Cherry on the cake, they have exclusive tariffs for energy and car providers! Some providers offer special tariffs for their house-hold energy customers, how good is this? This allows to save on your public charging journeys. Similar to our promise for smart charging at home, the best of both world!

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