Easee charger integration now available on the Jedlix platform!

The smart charging service provider Jedlix is going to collaborate with connected EV charger manufacturer Easee. Through this collaboration, both market leaders will provide cross-pollination of each other’s existing value propositions. Every EV driver with an Easee charger will be offered the opportunity to link with the Jedlix platform and apps and have its EV charged in a greener and cheaper way.

Easee, the fastest-growing startup in Norwegian history, produces compact and powerful connected charging robots that can be paired by the EV driver with the Jedlix smart charging app. The charging settings entered by the EV driver and the available vehicle data fed into the Jedlix platform result in an optimal charging schedule that is executed via the Easee API. Any remaining charging flexibility is integrated into Jedlix’ Virtual Power Plant and will be offered to help the further integration of renewable energy sources.

Stefan Dekker, Country director of Easee: ‘The partnership with Jedlix is a great add on and confirms the strength and flexibility of our EVSE units and connectivity backend. Jedlix has proven to be one of the leaders in the smart charging domain and complements our offering very well. Our customers and also B2B partners, can directly reap the benefits from smart charging to enable green and cheaper charging.’

Serge Subiron, CEO of Jedlix: ‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Easee to deliver smart charging services at scale. Easee is one of the fastest growing EVSE manufacturers in Europe and the integration is a great additional functionality to serve our customer and utility partners. This accelerates our mission to enable zero emission charging for millions of EV drivers!’  

The use of the Easee Charging Robot together with the Jedlix smart charging app will be possible in the countries where both Easee and Jedlix actively operate, which are Norway, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland. The service will be available for B2B customers of both Easee partners and retailers. Utilities or other resellers of Easee can easily create a branded smart charging with app and corresponding virtual power plant with support of the Jedlix smart charging platform.

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